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Island Touring


First time seeing player in the day

I always dig running into you, <playername>! How's things?


Snow just makes stuff taste good! Like! It's even gooder stirred up with snow!

I'm gonna make ice cream! I'll put a tub of sour cream in the snow overnight and... BLAM! It'll be a flavor nobody can ever forget!

Brr... It's so cold today that even my snack bucket is shivering!

Mmmm... Even the air tastes better on snowy days, .

Snow is so neat! It's the only time all year that ya can eat rain!


Season Specific

Event Dialogue


  • <playername>...when it's snack time, which snack do you go for?

-(If player chooses Marshmallows) I was thinking the same thing! That's why we're gonna be snack buddies forever and ever!

-Warm pickles

-I can't decide!


Villager is fishing

“ Here Fishy Fishy Fishy! Come out of The Water so I can taste you

“ A huh huh huh, I can’t wait to touch a fish”

“Heeey,fish, fish, fish, fish... Heeey, I wish, wish, wish, wish you'd come and play with meeee!”

Villager asleep

Zzzzzzzz…. Yahhh! Errrrr… sorry for that just got a taste dream

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