Cranky/New Horizons Dialogue

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Island Touring[edit]


First time seeing player in the day[edit]

  • "<personal greeting>! Always a pleasure."
  • ”<player>! You’re a sight for these sore eyes.”


"Just look at it comin' down... It's cold as a cast-iron commode out there!"

Talked to after house remodel changes apply[edit]

  • "I'm still in shock at how different my house looks now, <catchphrase>!
    • I'll tell ya, it was quite a surprise walkin' out of my place earlier. Felt like I'd misplaced the whole house!"


With other villagers[edit]

  • (between normal and cranky villager)

Normal villager: “I feel like I could be better about writing to my parents. <Cranky Villager>, do you write home a lot?” Cranky Villager: “Not really, no. I ain’t really the writin’ sort… ‘Sides, I don’t honestly have much to write home about.” Normal Villager: “Aw, I’m sure they’d love just reading what you’re up to, <catchphrase>.” Cranky Villager: “Somethin’ like this? “Dear Mom and Pop: a neighbor of mine tells me that I should be writing to you more.” Normal Villager: “Well, that’s a good start, sure… But what would you say next?” Cranky Villager: “Next? That’s more or less all I’d have to tell ‘em, right there.” Normal Villager: “But… that just makes me sound like someone who nags you all the time!” Cranky Villager: “Come on now. My folks’d read that and know I got neighbors tryin’ to get me to do right by ‘em, is all.”

About sick villagers[edit]

  • "I'm not one for gossipin', but... did you hear that <Villager> is feelin' sick? I'm only sharin' because I think <she/he>'d really appreciate a visit, and maybe a nice cup of hot cider."
  • "Hey, did you know that <Villager> is feelin' kinda down and out lately? If you got some time, maybe stop by and visit. See how <she/he>'s doin' and whatnot."

Season Specific[edit]

Event Dialogue[edit]


  • "I wanna get to know folks here on the island better, and reckon you're a good one to start with. So...can I ask you somethin'? Let's see now... So what movies are you into watchin', <catchphrase>?

-(If player chooses Suspense) "Aw yeah, now we're talkin'! I love a good thriller movie. You seen the new Danger Force yet? It's even better than Terminal Action!"

-Historical fiction


-Something else

-I don't watch movies

-(If player chooses ‘something else’) “<movie genre> huh? If that’s the kinda thing you’re into, maybe I should try it for myself…”


  • "Should I just give it to 'em straight, or walk away? I'm in a real pickle! Oh, hey there! Sorry, kiddo. I've got an actual conundrum on my plate right now. Let's talk later."
  • "Hm... Ooh, it boggles the mind.. Gah! You just derailed my train of thought, kiddo! It was on a real weird track too..."
  • "Nope, I've never liked <dessert> and I never will... Oh! Sorry, kiddo. You just caught me in a deep thought there. Gahaha!"


  • "Alright. Listen up, kiddo. I'm gonna learn you an important lesson. Convenience is overrated! (Branches into several different possible follow-ups)

- "Like this whole email thingy. Oh, goodie, you can send a picture of a smiley face through the ethernet! In my day, if you wanted to talk to someone, you had to walk over to their house and shout at them! Or you could always write an angry letter and tape it to their buggy when they weren't lookin'... Whaddaya mean, how old am I?"


  • "Guess what did you hear? Someone's at the campsite today I wonder what they like and I wonder if we have the same stuff in common."

First time seen with wasp stings[edit]

  • "Is your face alright? 'Cause that sure looks like it must smart. You gotta be careful around them sneaky wasps! Here, take a dash of this medicine. It'll clear that right up. Unless... Is swollen face in style these days? Well, I hope you learned something from all this. Try to not let it happen again."

Visiting their home[edit]

  • "Don't be lookin' for any dust, now. 'Cause you're liable to find it!"
  • "I believe this is what the kids call a "man cave," right?"
  • “Ah, there’s nothing like a good sit down, is there? Sittin’ is where most of my best thinkin’ occurs, and most of that said thinkin’ happens riiight here.”
  • "I like to soak my achin' bones in my <bath item>. Most days, it really helps. And after a warm bath, chugging down a nice <drink> is just the best!"
  • "I refuse to compromise on sleepin' comfort. You can probably tell that from my <bed item>. Before this one, I used to toss and turn half the night. you gotta make sure an' choose your bed carefully."

Villager is fishing[edit]

  • "I got a good feelin' about this. Gonna catch a big one today!"
  • "Come ON... Don't wanna go home with nothin' to show for my effort..."
  • "This is really janglin' up my nerves... Tickin' me off something fierce too!"

Villager asleep[edit]

  • "Zzz...zzzz...ZZZZ! Gah! I just sat down to rest my eyes and... well, they got rested, alright."
  • " quiet, clouds...spoons're sleepin'... well, ask the bicycle yourself... HUH?! I had this really wonderful dream about...something. It's all fuzzy now, but I remember it was great!

Player is holding a ladder[edit]

  • "Usin' that to go explorin'? Those come in handy for scramblin' up and down cliffs. Just make sure to be careful about it, <catchphrase>. If you aren't on stable ground it can wobble, and that's dangerous!"

Player is holding vaulting pole[edit]

  • "Look at you with your vaultin' pole! Ain't no river stoppin' you today. Must be a blast to vault yourself around like that. I know I'd leap at the chance to try it, <catchphrase>.

Comment about player burying bells[edit]

  • "Are you OK, <Player>? 'Cause I heard you were seen buryin' some cash yesterday, <catchphrase>! Don't worry, I ain't gonna dig it up or nothin'. I just wanna make sure you can really afford to lose the Bells...

Comment about loan payment[edit]

  • "So Tom Nook seems pretty impressed that you managed to pay back your loan in full already, <catchphrase>. Must feel great to have that weight off your shoulders, huh? Only wish I knew what that was like firsthand..."

Comment about incline building[edit]

  • "Just discovered that new incline... It's great bein' able to reach higher ground on the island, <catchphrase>. Now I can keep better watch over <Island Name>, from on high!"

Nearby food item outside[edit]

  • "A <food item>...Someone's been cookin' alfresco! There's somethin' special about a meal grilled up outdoors..."

Hitting villager with net[edit]

  • "OW! What are you playin' at, buddy? You think my head's a bug? Learn how to swing that thing before you go wreckin' someone else's hairdo! It's dangerous!"
  • "Hey! I know that was just a love tap, but next time you can just say hello! <Catchphrase>..."
  • “Enough with that! You tryin’ to make me raise my voice?”
  • “GAH! That hurts! What’d I ever do to you?”

Pushing villager[edit]

  • "What in botheration is going on here?! There's plenty of room for the both of us!"

Talking after making them upset[edit]

  • “I got nothing to say to you right now.”
  • “Leave me alone! I don’t feel like talking to anyone right now.”
  • “I swear, I’m as mad as a hornet in a hothouse! I better take this anger out on something before I blow!”

Villager is sick[edit]

If another villager didn't tell you

  • "I'm feelin' so feverish and groggy... If I knew I'd get this sick, I would've picked up some medicine..."
  • "My stomach hurts, and my head hurts, and my limbs hurt... <Catchphrase>, everything hurts!"
  • "Ahh, sorry about this. My body can't decide if it wants to be freezin' cold... or hotter than lava!"

If a villager told you

Meeting another resident

After being cured

  • "Whoa! I feel like I'm gettin' better already!"
  • "I got a little somethin' for you. Go on--it ain't much. Just <object>!
  • "I'm all better, thanks to you. So I'm hopin' you'll accept a small gift. It's <Object>!
  • "If I'm ever feelin' down in the dumps again, I know who to call."
  • "<Catchphrase>, that might have been too generous. Ah, well. You deserve it!"


  • "Thanks--I feel spiffier already!"


  • "Thinkin' I might do some shoppin'. Wait, store aint' closed today, right? Hope not. That'd throw off my plans."
  • "I reckon if I did even more walking around, it's help firm up my belly..."


Nook's Cranny[edit]


  • "Heya, <Player>! Ain't shoppin' a pain?"
  • "Well, if it ain't <Player>! Didn't think I'd run into you here... you kinda caught me off guard."

Inspecting items[edit]

  • "A <item>? I think I used to have one of these...ages ago."
  • "A <high-priced item> costs HOW much!? <Amount> Bells!? Well, that's some plain ol' thievery!"

-(if Player tries to talk to Cranky right afterward) "Looks a mite spendy..."

Shop upgrade[edit]

  • "Didja hear about Nook's Cranny gettin' spiffed up, <catchphrase>? I ain't the type to get excited about shoppin', though I do like bargain huntin' and coupon collectin'..."
  • "Heard Nook's Cranny got spruced up, so I figured I'd swing by and take a gander for myself, <catchphrase>. It's worth a look, and that's comin' from someone who hates to shop!"
  • "Timmy's store just expanded, and the new Nook's Cranny is the talk of <Island Name>! I'm tryin' to pay down some debt, so I'm gonna have to steer clear of the place myself, <catchphrase>."


Response to being mailed a gift[edit]

  • How are ya, <Player>?

Dunno what I did to earn a gift from ya, but I like it all the same. Hey, random question. Do I seem like the sorta crank who'd call his letters "missives"? Sure hope not! You get what I mean, right?

Gotta go now, <Cranky>

  • How are ya, <Player>?

Thanks for the letter and the gift too. Real darn nice! Just sittin' here thinkin' about how my hometown had a lotta trains, but no tracks. What was that about? Gahaha! I crack myself up.

Whatever. Bye. -<Cranky>

Mailed furniture that they have already[edit]

  • To my insightful pal <player>,

So, I really appreciate the thought you put into that furniture you sent over, but it turns out I already own somethin' just like it! At least you know what I like! Hope you don't already have what I'm sendin' you!

I still like it. -<Cranky>

When player's inventory is full during gift back[edit]

  • You're the best, <Player>!

Just wanted to say thanks again! Along with this note, I'm sendin' the thank-you gift you didn't have a free hand to carry home then. Hope it's somethin' you like, after I made you wait like this for it...

Take care now. - <Cranky>

  • You're swell, <Player>!

Thanks again for what you did for me! You're alright, you know that? Ain't used to feelin' warm 'n fuzzy. I'm sendin' along that gift you didn't have a free hand to carry, and my gratitude along with it.

Still all fuzzy, <Cranky>

Response to house upgrade[edit]

  • To the go-getter <Player>,

You added onto your place again? You're outta control, kiddo! Ah, I'm just messin' with you. To help you celebrate your addition, here's a li'l gift you can maybe use to help decorate that new room!

I chose it for you. -<Cranky>

Letters sent due to high friendship[edit]

  • <Player>!

They say you should always put yer best foot forward. So, kiddo, I got a little somethin' for those dogs of yours. I think they'll look real sharp on ya. Sizewise, I took a guess. But try 'em on. I bet they fit!

Keep on keepin' on. <Cranky>

  • Hey there, <Player>!

How's life treatin' you these days? It just seemed like a good time to write you a note and check in. I know I might be grumpy from time to time, but I'm really rootin' hard for you, kiddo.

Sincerely, <Cranky>

  • How ya doin', <Player>?

I couldn't help but notice you've been workin' mighty hard lately. Way I see it, you deserve a proper thank you. So I sent ya a present! Try it on...and try to relax a bit. You deserve it, kiddo!

So long for now. -<Cranky>

  • Say, <Player>...

You keepin' yourself healthy these days? You gotta be strong if you wanna go toe-to-toe with me! And to get strong, you gotta recover well. And that means watchin' plenty of TV and loungin' around.

Get to it! Sincerely, <Cranky>