Cranky/New Leaf Dialogue

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  • "Yo, <player>! Whaddya want? <catchphrase>!"
  • "Hey, hey, <player>! You got somethin' you wanna say to me? Is it "<catchphrase>"?"
  • "Yo, <player>! What're ya doin'? <catchphrase>?"
  • "Whoa, easy now, <player>. Deep breaths... OK. Now tell papa what's up, <catchphrase>."
  • "Oh. Hey, <player>. Whaddya want from me? <catchphrase>?"
  • "All right, you... You got some kinda problem or something? What's your deal, <player>?"
  • "Yo! How ya doin', <player>? Hopefully well? <catchphrase>?"
  • "Whaat?! <player>?! You're everywhere, <catchphrase>!"
  • "Nice weather, huh, <player>? Nice days put me in a nice mood, you know? <catchphrase>?"
  • "Yo, <player>! Good to see ya!"
  • "Hey, <player>! <catchphrase>!"
    • (Followed by this) "So you wanted to talk to me?"
    • (Followed by this) "So did you need something?"
    • (Followed by this) "So what's up?"
      • (Player says no) "Wait—what?! Whatever. See ya later, <catchphrase>!"
      • (Player says no) "Oh! See ya later, <catchphrase>!"
      • (Player says no) "Oh, really? Well, smell ya later then, I guess. <catchphrase>!"



  • "You've heard about shaking trees to get fruit to fall, right? If you do the same thing to a tree without any fruit on it... Sometimes money or furniture will fall out of the branches! I know, crazy! But you should give it a try. Just be aware that sometimes a beehive will fall down instead! If that happens, you have to make a mad dash for it! Be careful!"
  • "Have you ever tried using the locker at the station? You can use it just like your own private dresser! What's really strange is that lockers in other towns are connected to lockers here, and your drawers too! I can't think of anything more convenient! Spooky magical, but still convenient! GAHAHA!"

Buying items[edit]

  • "Oh, hey, <player>! You know you got something I want, right? My heart's set on owning my own <item>. Will you take <number> Bells for yours?"
    • (Player says no) "What? That's not enough? Well, I guess we can't make this deal then... Maybe another time, <catchphrase>!"

Selling items[edit]

  • "So on the spur of the moment the other day, I sorta bought a(n) <item>... But to be honest, this isn't the sort of thing that really suits me, so I'm trying to unload this item now. Would you want it? Would you consider buying it for <number> Bells?
    • (Player says yes) "Whoa! That's awesome! I knew you were the perfect individual to ask! Cool, we've got ourselves a deal!"
      • (Hands over item) "I'll definitely come to you first if I have anything else like this in the future, <catchphrase>!"

Trading items[edit]

  • "Hey, <player>. I've got a special favor to ask you... Here goes! I want your <item>! I don't mean for free or anything... How about trading me for my <item>? We're talking mint-condition goods! That's a pretty nice deal, wouldn't you say?"
    • (Player says no) "But you barely even thought about it... I think you're missing out here. Oh well, that's OK I guess. See you around, <catchphrase>!"


  • "Hey, <player>, it's pop-quiz time! What do you think is easily the most important aspect for a man to live his life by?"
    • (Player says "Strength! OORAH!") "That's right! Strength! But I'm not talking about physical strength! I'm talking about strength of heart! That sort of heart that's kind to others, no matter what... Now that's pure strength! ...I got all worked up without meaning to! Well, it's an important lesson for you to learn! Don't think poorly of me! <catchphrase>!"


  • "I get that you wanna keep chatting all day long, but I actually just remembered something important. That means I gotta have some quiet thinking time to myself for a bit. Let's hang out again later!"
  • "Hmmm... The more I think about it, the more worried I become... OH! I got something on my mind at the moment, so we'll catch up some other time!"
  • "Awww... Hmmmm... What was I thinking about...? Ah, that's right! Hmmm... I'm sorta lost in thought, so can we talk some other time?"
  • "Hmmmm... No, if I did that, then it'd turn out all... Ah, sorry. I'm thinking about something kinda important, so we'll have to talk later!"

Requesting to visit player's home[edit]

  • "Um, can I come over to your house today to check out your stuff? Hey, what's with that face? I'm just saying this because I worry about you, OK? Do you have a bed? Do you have a plant? Do you clean often? It's kind of like a parental thing I'm feeling, all right? So, I can head over to your place, right? <catchphrase>?
    • (Player says yes) "Great! Now we've just gotta figure out the minor details! You probably wanna get ready, so... Let me know when it's convenient for you after <specified time>!"
      • (Player gives an early time) "Huh?! That's a little too soon, don't you think?! Sorry, but let's meet up a bit later!"
      • (Player gives a good time) "Excellent! That's perfect for me! See you at <specified time>! Remember to clean! <catchphrase>!"


  • "Rumors are kinda scary, aren't they? As they get retold from person to person, more things get added and the story gets bigger and bigger!"
  • "Say, <male villager> and <female villager> are together a lot, don't you think? Now, I'm not trying to say they look like super-close friends or nothing. It's more like a frank friendship... Well, I'm just trying to say the two of them seem to be doing well together, <catchphrase>."

Clothing styles[edit]

  • "Today I thought I'd try something a little different and wear some <clothing style> clothes, but... The tag is itching so bad, I can hardly stand it anymore! I'm freaking out! <catchphrase>!"


  • "On days like this, I want to down a cup of yerba maté and refresh myself by working up a sweat!"
  • "...Oh! I was just about to use the weather as an excuse! But I'm not gonna lose to the weather! I'm not gonna lose to anything! <catchphrase>!"

About public works projects[edit]

  • "The wind turbine makes me feel like the times are changing really fast! I suppose <town name> is an early adopter of new technology...? Well, nothing wrong with that! It's all thanks to your hard work! Right, Mayor <player>?"

About sick villagers[edit]

  • "Oh hey, did you hear? <villager> caught a cold! I'm sure (s)he'll get over it soon enough, but I bet (s)he'd be glad if you went to go check up on him/her!"

About town events[edit]

  • "<town name> sure has a lot of events throughout the year. I complain about there being too many, but when there's nothing going on, it just feels weird! Ain't that always the way? GAHAHA!"

Seeing Pete[edit]

  • "Just a moment ago, I ran into Pete and got to say hello! That fellow... He seems kind of careless, but he still does his job really well. I'm sure it doesn't mean that much coming from me, but I think he's actually a pretty good guy!"


  • "There're ways to spend sunny days, and then there're ways to spend rainy days! But...sometimes you need the courage to do the opposite thing and surprise everyone! That's how new ideas are born! So let's birth some ideas! GAHAHA!"
  • "If you do the same things every day, your body and soul will get stale. New challenges! New people! We need adventure! I bet it'd really spice things up around here if we got some visitors, or someone new moved into town..."
  • "At this time of a day, in this place, if I just space out for a bit, my mind always drifts to the same thing... Tomorrow's the morning I'll get up early and shock everyone in town... Well, I say that now, but I've never actually done it! GAHAHA!"

Inside player's home[edit]


  • "Heh... Are you ready now? Sorry to inconvenience you or something!"


  • "Oh, I see... Well, your room is a lot cleaner than I expected! I thought it'd be so messy that you wouldn't even be able to see the floor! <catchphrase>!"
  • "So how are the other rooms?"
  • "When I buy furniture on a whim, I'm so excited that I bolt straight home, no matter where I am... Regardless of how old I get, there's just something fun about brand-new pieces of furniture! <catchphrase>!"
  • "Heh. It's not exactly what I was expecting, but I think it's safe to say this room has your personality."
  • "No wonder this room feels so plain. You've got nothing on your walls!"
  • "Other people might call this place a mess, but if it works for you, then what's the problem, right? Home is what you make of it! Am I right or am I right?"
  • "I feel like I've seen your couch somewhere before... Ah, that's right! Now I remember! It's the <type of sofa or chair>! It was in a magazine the other day! ...What's the matter? Yeah, I read magazines sometimes. What of it?"
  • "Come on, <player>. Take it easy and just relax! It's not like I'm here to scrutinize every last detail of your home! GAHAHA! <catchphrase>!"
  • "I don't think you could ever get bored living in a room like this. I certainly wouldn't! <catchphrase>!"
  • "If there's anything you don't want me to touch, just let me know in advance, OK? I mean, you probably expected me to come in here and touch all your stuff anyway, but...just to be safe!"
  • "We could talk for hours, but if you really want to understand people, take a look at their rooms. I'd say this room speaks volumes about who you really are on the inside! <catchphrase>! GAHAHA!"
  • "Hmph. I suppose that's one way of arranging furniture! I think I sort of understand what you're going for..."
  • "I can tell you probably spend a lot of time in this room! It seems so comfortable to live here!"
  • "Mm-hm, I see! So this is where you keep your mansion, huh? It seems pretty cozy, right? <catchphrase>!"
  • "If you compare the smells of other people's rooms, you can definitely tell the difference... Wait! Don't get me wrong! I don't think your room stinks! Er, and I don't go around sniffing rooms!"


  • "Well, I think it's about time for me to hit the ol' dusty trail! We didn't really talk about anything important, but it was fun hanging just the same! <catchphrase>!"


  • (First conversation) "Hey, how ya doin'? I thought I'd set up camp here for a little while!"
  • (First conversation) "I didn't do any research or anything before choosing a place to camp. I think I lucked out with this town!"
  • (First conversation) "I heard the local specialty is one of my favorites, the <fruit>! I love this town! GAHAHA!"
  • "If you're camping, you gotta eat some chili, right? My homemade chili gets an extra kick from the <town fruit> I put in it. It's good! In fact, it's the best!"
  • "Sometimes it gets a little miserable sleeping in a tent... But that's all part of the experience! GAHAHA!"
  • "Camping! You could also call it "battling mosquitoes"! You wanna know how I deal with them? I don't! I don't play their little games. It's a battle of wills!"