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With cranky villager[edit]

In New Leaf[edit]

  • Jock Villager: Oh, <player>! Random question: What were you like as a baby?

(Player chooses Cry a Lot!) (Player chooses Ate a Lot!)

    • Jock Villager: Really? You ate a lot, huh? You were a hungry kid, I guess. <Catchphrase>.

(Player chooses Sleep a Lot!)

  • Jock Villager: Well then, do you remember the first word you ever said?
  • Cranky Villager: Hey! Why aren't you letting me into this conversation, <Jock Villager>?
  • Jock Villager: Oh... Uh...I guess I just never thought of you as a baby.
  • Cranky Villager: What are you talking about? I was a baby! I was a great baby! I was the coolest baby ever!
  • Jock Villager: Yeah... I just don't see it! But here's an idea! If you want to prove that you were a baby, try reenacting it for us! Show us what you were like!
  • Cranky Villager: Ohhhhh. OK, but...keep what you're about to see to yourself, OK?
  • Jock Villager: ...Gulp!
  • Cranky Villager: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Maaaamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Baby hungwyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
  • Jock Villager: Oh man, <player>... This may have been a bad idea...
  • Cranky Villager: Give me my teddy!

Jock Villager will walk off sad. Cranky Villager will walk off angry.

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