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This template creates a padlock icon in the upper-right corner of a page to indicate that it is protected. The icons are designed to provide a clear visual identification of the level of protection that has been invoked or the action that has been protected from being performed.

This template does not in itself protect a page, and only administrators can change the protection level of a page.

When to use

To provide transparency to all users, this template generally should be applied on all pages which have been protected by an administrator.

The below exceptions do not require this template:

This template also doesn't need to be applied to archived pages and policy pages, as it is automatically applied through using Template:Archive or Template:Policy on those pages.


The style of the padlock indicator is dependent on the switch used. The template can also display a second padlock for use in situations in which two modes of protection are applied to a page.

  • Semi Protection icon.png semi
  • Template Protection icon.png template
  • Full Protection icon.png full
  • Interface Protection icon.png interface
  • Move Protection icon.png move
  • Upload Protection icon.png upload
  • Creation Protection icon.png creation



This file is move-protected

This file is move-protectedThis file is upload-protected.