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Dialogue for helping Gulliver
Dialogue Country/Region Souvenir
"The country I was heading to has lots of rare animals like kangaroos and koalas! Kangaroos have amazingly powerful kicks! KABOOM! I don't want to be weaker than any of my sailor buddies, so I was gonna learn the secret behind those kicks." Australia Australia Ayers Rock
"The country I was headed for is sorta famous for a statue called the Manneken Pis! I'd be a little ashamed to be seen doing something like he does in public. He sure is gutsy for a kid! But you can't forget the most important thing: the chocolate from this country is delicious! This place has lots of restaurants, and since I'm such a foodie, I'm sure I'll be stopping in each one of them! Or maybe not. I have a sensitive stomach, so I always make sure to stop before I get too full..." Belgium Belgium Manneken Pis
"The country I was headed to has huge waterfalls called Niagara Falls! Also, in the night sky, you can see the aurora borealis! It's beautiful and leaves such an impact on you! I'm pretty sure I was headed there to see its beautiful wilderness, maple leaves and all... Oh! My beloved maple syrup!" Canada Canada Dream catcher
"The country I was going to is huge! More people live there than pretty much anywhere else in the world! The country also has a long and complicated history with ancient dynasties and wushu and such... But,delay man, it's amazing how much stuff this country has invented. Paper! Gunpowder! Compasses! It's like there's no way to stop the amazing progress in this country's history. It's downright impressive!" China China Red-tasseled lantern
Vikings Denmark Denmark Mermaid statue
"island with giant heads" Chile Easter Island, Chile Moai statue
"The country I was headed to has a huge desert. And when I say huge, I mean HUGE! Sand everywhere! It's famous for tall, triangle-shaped buildings called pyramids. How they built them, I'll never know. Tricky thing is, those pyramids are actually the graves of the ancient pharaohs. Mummy curses, I tell ya! Someday I'd like to marry a nice princess and rule the desert... Wait! I can't live in a place without constant water! The Nile's nice, but I need the open sea!" Egypt Egypt Mummy's casket
Big Ben England England Big Ben
"In that country, there's a city some people call the art capital of the world! Like, art EVERYWHERE! It has the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre... Art's just comin' out their noses! Plus the fashion is very appealing. My outfit was even once included in a fashion show when last I visited! ...Uh, I don't know which one it was without double checking. Comment allez-vous?" France France Eiffel Tower
"The country I was headed to is filled with castles that look just like they popped right out of a fairy tale! Someday I plan on finding a sweet princess of my own and living with her in one of those castles. Plus this place is famous for sausage! Like, REALLY famous! I don't care much for sausage myself, what with me eating mostly grubs and fish. But grub sausage?! That'd be the absolute greatest thing ever! But it's not all fun and sausages! Science runs RAMPANT through all of its history! Heard of the theory of relativity? Yeah, I... don't understand it myself, but the guy who DOES understand it was born in this country! He was kinda smart. Sorta like an Einstein, you know? Real egghead." Germany Germany Nutcracker
Poseidon Greece Greece Gladiator sandals
aloha United States of America Hawaii, USA Hula doll
Taj Mahal India India Sitar
"The country I was headed to is very green! Everywhere you look, yup, you'll see green. It's to the point they sometimes call this place the Emerald Isle. The symbol of this country is the shamrock, which is a type of clover. Also,delay the music from this country has really impacted music from all over, especially indie rock! I feel like I'm so close to unlocking my memories, but I'm stumped! Like it's at the end of a rainbow!" Ireland Ireland Shamrock clock
pasta Italy Italy Mouth of Truth
"In this place there were ninjas! And samurai! And just so many heroes all over at all times! But! Ninjas and samurai don't wander the streets anymore... They're things of the past. Kinda makes a seagull sad! That's why I, Gulliver, am going to start a new wave of manly sailor popularity! We're like sea ninjas!" Japan Japan Pagoda
"The country I was headed to is a real animal's paradise! Animals as far as you can see on the savannah! There are giraffes, elephants, lions, and of course, GULLIVER! At least there will be when I show up. I want to get to that country, spread my wings,delay and float free on the warm breeze." Kenya Kenya Tribal mask
"I was headed to a country that's so full of life it's hard to comprehend! There are live mariachi bands that perform such fun, lively music it makes you dance, even in the heat! Sure, we assume there's a lot of desert, but it's just like any other warm, dry place of the world... And, oh, the FOOD! It can give a seagull a stomachache if he's not careful! And I rarely am! The trouble is I never know how to eat in moderation, so I always overeat! That's no bueno! Still, I may be a gull of the sea, but that country makes me long for a life near the Sierra Madre!" Mexico Mexico Skeleton figurine
"The country I was headed to is really famous for its tulips! Being near all those colorful flowers gives an almost magical feeling! Though some of that magic may have been blown in by the gigantic windmills, which are also awesome! Wait. Windmills don't really work like that, do they...? Point is,delay I'd never forget the sight of the windmills in the tulip fields!" Netherlands The Netherlands Kinderdijk windmill
alpacas Peru Peru Tapestry
"exotic countries" Portugal Portugal Rooster of Barcelos
matryoshka dolls Russia Russia Matryoshka
Nessie Scotland Scotland Bagpipes
Mewrlion Singapore Singapore Merlion
Tae Kwon Do South Korea South Korea Samgyetang
"When you think of the country I was headed to, you instantly think of flamenco dancing! Those nimble steps! The music! It's a very passionate dance! You've also got the dangerous and exciting birthplace of matadors. Such daring and bravery! In fact, everyone gets in the spirit once a year when one of the towns lets a bunch of bulls run free! Crazy! There's also a very famous building that's still under construction after more than a hundred years! It's been worked on by people for generations, but they still aren't done with it! Why not?! I was heading there partly to help out with construction, since my help is greatly needed." Spain Spain Gaudí's lizard
Nobel Prize Sweden Sweden Dala horse
Tom Yum Goong soup Thailand Thailand Tuk-tuk
"This country is famous for movies from a place called Hollywood! I'd like to be in a movie myself someday. I'd be the star of a bunch of fancy high-seas adventures! But, wait! In most boat movies, the boat sinks. doesn't have to be that way, though, right?! Oh no! If I was tossed into the sea, it'd go from a work of fiction to being my autobiography! I'm gonna have to have a chat with the film directors in that country!" United States of America California, USA Statue of Liberty
pho Vietnam Vietnam Conical straw hat