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In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Dr. Shrunk will teach the player the following emotions via way of telling a joke. Some of these jokes Shrunk tells references his former mentor Frillard, and often will have Shrunk worried if he'll appease his former master. At the end of all of his jokes, he'll perform the Shrunk Funk Shuffle to the player.

List of jokes[edit]


"My Happiness Joke is just the thing to CURE what ails you! I'd like to discuss a very serious topic…Happiness! In fact, if you ask me what I seriously think is the MOST serious issue of our day, I'd say…Happiness! Serious, right? Know what I'm serious about? Happiness! Now, I don't mean to bring everyone down, but I truly believe there's ONE word that sums it all up.…Orange! Huh?! Orange you glad I didn't say "happiness" again?"


"My Laughter Joke is just the thing to CURE what ails you! Have I ever got a serious case of the giggles today! Wanna know why? I got a standing ovation last night! But then I woke up and realized I'd just been dreaming!"


"My Joy Joke is just the thing to CURE what ails you! I'm simply bursting with joy up here on the stage today! Wanna know why? A visitor just complimented me! He told me that when he has trouble sleeping…he comes to see my show!"


"My Love Joke is just the thing to CURE what ails you! Did you know that love makes everything nicer? So let me tell you about my wife! She used to be the sweetest girl in the whole wide world! She used to say, "Shrunk, you're my funny honey!" But these days, the missus says things like… "Don't leave ME all the housework!"
"Why do you come home so LATE?!"
"When is that CLUB of yours gonna pay the bills?!"
Yep, the missus really knows how to make me feel like a big joke…But little does she know…I 💗 feeling like a big joke!"