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N.Duckberg This user's town is called N.Duckberg.
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My current house in New Horizons.

Hello! My name is Vicki. I have been playing Animal Crossing since 2010. I joined Nookipedia March 20, 2020. I am still stunned by what I am dicovering in New Horizons and I can't wait to see what else I'll find. Happy Gaming. I think dogs should VOTE!

N.Duckberg in New Horizons[edit]

New Duckberg is the official name of my island. Development is coming along nicely. We currently have a four star rating and are looking forward to future improvements. I live on N. Duckberg along with Deirdre, Merengue, Bangle, Cranston, Hamlet, Gigi, Ellie, Spiek, Marshal, and Ribbot.

Current Villagers[edit]

Deirdre NH Villager Icon.png Merengue NH Villager Icon.png Bangle NH Villager Icon.png Rolf NH Villager Icon.png Bunnie NH Villager Icon.png Blaire NH Villager Icon.png Ellie NH Villager Icon.png Stitches NH Villager Icon.png Marshal NH Villager Icon.png Ribbot NH Villager Icon.png