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| number = (card #)
| name = (card name)
| front = (image of card front)
| back = (image of card back)
| item1 = name of item available to buy in RV
| item2 = name of item available to buy in RV
| item3 = name of item available to buy in RV
| item4 = name of item available to buy in RV
| item5 = name of item available to buy in RV
| item6 = name of item available to buy in RV
| item7 = name of item available to buy in RV
| item8 = name of item available to buy in RV
| item9 = name of item available to buy in RV
| item10 = name of item available to buy in RV
| c1 = true if item1 is customized (optional)
| c2 = true if item2 is customized (optional)
| c3 = true if item3 is customized (optional)
| c4 = true if item4 is customized (optional)
| c5 = true if item5 is customized (optional)
| c6 = true if item6 is customized (optional)
| c7 = true if item7 is customized (optional)
| c8 = true if item8 is customized (optional)
| c9 = true if item9 is customized (optional)
| c10 = true if item10 is customized (optional)
| prevcard = (name of previous card in series)
| prevtype = (type of previous card in the series)
| nextcard = (name of next card in series)
| nexttype = (type of next card in the series)
For help with this template, leave a message on sunmarsh's talk page.


  • None of the parameters are required for the template to function correctly- however it will appear as it does at the top of the page if nothing is entered.
  • The back parameter is not required; the template will automatically insert the standard amiibo card back. However if a card is ever released with a non-standard back this parameter can be used.
  • The template automatically inserts the associated HHD furniture icon with the item name entered. If no such icon is found, it will show "No Image Available".
  • For the item1, item2... parameters, enter the names of the items found in the character's RV. Proper spelling is important; you can check Template:NewWA for proper spelling.
  • The c1, c2... parameters can be used to denote whether or not an item has been customized. c1 corresponds to item1, c2 with item2 and so on. Example: {{WA-card|item1=Item Name|c1=true|...}} will produce Item Name


  • The template will mark items new to the Welcome amiibo version with the New.gif icon. The list that is referenced to determine whether the item is new or not is located at Template:NewWA. The list may be incomplete and should be periodically reviewed. If there are any questions about this, please direct them to sunmarsh.
  • The prevtype and nexttype parameters are used to generate the appropriate icon associated with the type of card preceding or following the current one.
  • For villager cards, input the villager's species name.
  • For special visitors, input "special".
  • The template will automatically calculate the correct previous and next card number based on the value entered for number, however the parameters nextnumb and prevnumb can be used to override the calculated values.