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Welcome to PoizonMushro0m's User Talk page! Send me a message here or on the Bulletin Board. I will respond to your message as soon as I can. Please note that when posting anything on here, please make it separate from other posts by using the following code: (===Example Subtitle===) Thanks!!!!!!!

Wiki Discussion

Discuss about Nookipedia here and tell me if you would like to join Fans of Antonio, are new and need help around the wiki, or when you experience any problems.

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If you want to discuss some with me about the forum, please do so on the forum.

Other Site Discussions

If you came here from another site that I am on, please leave your username, website name, and post ~~~~~ after every post. To begin with, start off posts with ===Example===. It should be pretty easy from there.

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Discuss anything not related to the Animal Crossing series and my other sites.