Lazy/New Leaf Dialogue

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  • (First conversation) "Hey! Are you from this town? I'm here camping! I pretty much just decided to camp here on a whim, but it ended up being an awesome decision! I'll be seeing you around for a little bit, <catchphrase>."
  • (First conversation) "You're from this town, aren't you? I'm having a great time camping here!"
  • (First conversation) "I'm here camping in town, so you'll be seeing me around for a bit! Fruit, fish, shellfish... What's the best thing to eat here? A huh huh huh! You gotta eat the local food when you travel, <catchphrase>."
  • "The air in this town smells delicious! If only I could bottle it and bring it back home with me!"
  • "It can be kind of a hassle building a campfire, but it's definitely worth it. Warming my feet around the fire is soooo sweet, <catchphrase>!"
  • "Everything tastes better when you're camping! The fresh air is like a megaphone for food. It really bumps up the flavors' volume!"
  • "Tents are a lot more comfortable than I thought. They're so comfy, I'm napping even more than usual."


  • "Why'd you hit me?! I thought we were friends, <player>!"
  • "What the heck, <player>? That hurt, you know! Do you get your kicks being mean to people?!"
  • "OW! Someone hit me! Wait a second... What's in your hand? Did YOU hit me, <player>? Why you do something like that? That was so mean!"