Lazy/Wild World Dialogue

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First time meeting[edit]

  • "Hi! I tell you, morning in this town feels pretty good, <catchphrase>! Why,so good I could <hobby> naked! By the way, I'm <villager's name>! I guess we'll be seeing a lot more of each other from now on, <catchphrase>! But not in that way! I was just kidding about the whole naked thing!" (morning only)
  • "Hey! Hi, you. I know this is sudden, but what food does this town specialize in? I just love dipping <random food> in <random drink>! MM-MMMM! If you find any delicious delicacies, you come running to me, OK?" (afternoon only)
  • "Hello. My name is <villager's name>, <catchphrase>. I'm trying to make 100 friends, so I'm moving from village to village! And you're the <date of month>! Lucky you!"
  • "The sun at dusk is so fiery and neat looking...It's amazing, <catchphrase>. Wouldn't you just love to <hobby> with that as your backdrop? Huh huh huh! That's why everyone calls me "<villager's name> the Romantic."" (evening only)


  • "Hey! Whatcha doin' up so early? And for that matter, why am I up? (Yawn)I'm actually thinkin' about goin' back to sleep, <player>. So, uh... Oh, yeah! Why did you wanna talk to me, anyway?" (When the villager is home in the morning)
  • "Hey! <player>. Mornin'. (Agreement)This morning, I woke up...put one hand on my hip and took a big swig of <random drink>! (Joy)You shoulda seen it! I looked so cool, like a cowboy or something! Oh, that's right! You wanted to chat about something, right, <catchphrase>?' (When the villager is not home in the morning with fine weather)
  • "Whoa! <player>? Where'd you come from? You just appeared out of nowhere! (Inspiration)Oh! I get it! You came to hear my story about how I <hobby>, huh. Well, sorry, but I can't just tell that story for free, <catchphrase>! Soooo... Anyway... What can I do for you, <catchphrase>?" (When the villager is at home in the afternoon)
  • "<Greeting>! I'm really glad you came to see me, <player>! (Glee)And don't worry! Everybody chased that brown thing away already, <catchphrase>. Oh, that's right! You wanted to chat about something, right, <catchphrase>?" (When the villager is at home in the afternoon)
  • "<Greeting>! <player>. Did you eat lunch yet, <catchphrase>? (Glee)Before I can, I need to warm up my belly with some <random food>! Soooo... Anyway... What can I do for you, <catchphrase>?" (When the villager is not home in the afternoon with fine weather)
  • "Hello, <player>. Think this rain will ever let up, <catchphrase>? You think if I ditch my umbrella and just run between the raindrops... (Curiosity)...I'll stay dry? If I was a little skinnier, I wouldn't have to run much! So, uh... Oh, yeah! Why did you wanna talk to me, anyway?" (When the villager is not home in a raining afternoon)
  • "<Greeting>. Looks like it's already nighttime, <catchphrase>. The night air is so...(Thought)quiet, and nice, and crisp, and tart, and sweet... It's just like the perfect apple, <catchphrase>. Mmmm. Apples. So, uh... Oh, yeah! Why did you wanna talk to me, anyway?" (When the villager is not home in the evening with fine weather)
  • "Good evening, <player>! <catchphrase>! Did you hear me? I said, "<catchphrase>!" (Love) Now that it's dark out, doesn't it feel all cool and...I dunno...moody? You know what I mean! Like we should be toasting with <random drink>! (Irritation) Here's to the image of me (Joy) reflected in your eyes... Cheers, <catchphrase>! So, uh... Oh, yeah! Why did you wanna talk to me, anyway?" (When the villager is home in the evening)
  • "Whoa there, <player>! You're too late. Dinner just ended, <catchphrase>. If you had come by around <o'clock of the time> o'clock, we could have eaten together. Maybe if you were a <random sport> pro, you might have made it in time!"(When the villager is home in the evening)


The following conversations happen before the player fully settles in:

  • "You probably already know this, but up to four people can live in your house! (Love)Four people! Cool, huh! You could have your mom, your brother, your sister...(Joy) Wow! Practically my whole family could fit in your house, <catchphrase>!(Surprise)Eh? What do you do when you want to set out on your own, you ask? Just go to the civic center in the town hall to move out. The movers are kinda crummy and have a reputation for losing stuff. So I'd listen closely to all the details before you move."
  • "The other day, <Another villager> had a friend visiting from out of town. It was so nice. Yeah, you're allowed to invite up to three friends to <town name> at a time. Do you think any of your friends will come visit, <player>? When they do, let me know by writing a message on the bulletin board, OK? (Surprise) What? You're asking if I'd want to play with you? Oh! I'm way too shy for that! I'll just observe your friends from the shadows... Oh, and the same goes for when you leave town, <catchphrase>. Just shout to the gatekeepers, "I want out! I want out!""
  • "Huh? Why are you bringing this to me, <player>? ...Oh, is that it? You're helping out at Tom Nook's shop, are you? Look at you! Workin' hard! I'm gonna have to work hard, too! Here! Consider this your housewarming present! I hope you need a <furniture>. (Curiosity)Didn't you come here empty-handed? (Agreement)You're like a wandering bird, (Glee)casually fluttering about, sleeping in whatever patch of grass you find. If you want to put this in your place, tap yourself on the Touch Screen. Yeah, and then you can grab your furniture. Then you can slide it to push it or pull it and move it wherever you want! Good luck, <catchphrase>!"

The following conversations happen after the player fully settles in:

  • "You know, I'd love to hang up a picture or poster or something. It would be a lot of fun to decorate my house like that. But since I have people like you showing up unannounced all the time, I can't!"
  • "According to the letter I received from the Happy Room room's a mess! I can't believe that co-ordination earned me [number of Happy Room Academy points] points. I guess cutting-edge style always takes a while to catch on, <catchphrase>. I know I'm being judged, but I can't help but laugh! Like a maniac! Uh huh huh huh!"
  • "It seems like all fish have the exact same face... Especially the <fish>! (Realisation)(Agreement) Talk about a familiar face. Yeah... Wow! Talking about <fish> has given me a great idea! (Inspiration) (Curiosity) Um... Wanna see who can be the first to nab a <fish>?" (Agree the competition) "Huh huh huh! I don't want to hear any excuses if you fail! Ready... Go, <catchphrase>! (Aggravation)"
  • "So...(Thought) I wonder how many people can fit in there...Huh? I'm talking about your house! Isn't it totally huge now? That's what I heard! (Glee) I bet you could have a dinner party with a million people, <catchphrase>!"
  • "<Player>, is your best friend a big <random food>?" Answer "Absolutely!": (Realisation)R-really? Well, I guess it would never let you down like a person would. (Glee)However, it would make for a sticky situation if you get hungry, <catchphrase>!
  • "(Thought) I wonder when this town is going to start being a more happening place. (Distress)Ideally, I'd like <town name> to be so crowded that it's like a fair all the time!" (There is space for someone to move in)
  • "(Curiosity) So, just who exactly are the judges at the Happy Room Academy? (Thought) Are they really objective, or is the furniture that really boosts your score (Resignation) just their own favorite kind of furniture, <catchphrase>?"
  • "(Curiosity) <player>, how do you hold your net? With one hand or two?" (Answering "One hand.") "(Agreement)That makes sense. If you use two hands, they both get tired!"
  • "Huh? Oh... Uh, <catchphrase>? (Distress)I totally forgot what I was gonna say!"
  • "The other day I got a letter from <Another villager>. (Sadness)But I totally forgot to mail my reply. (Distress)Oh! (Curiosity)Could I get you to deliver it for me? One more thing. Can you get it done in 1 hour?" (Agree the delivery)"Yes! I so needed this! Just please don't read the letter, OK? Promise?"
  • (Finish a letter delivery in time)"(Glee)Yesss! I knew I could trust you, <catchphrase>! (Realisation)Hm... Oh! There's something I wanna give you to say thanks, <catchphrase>. Okeydokey then! Here's the <gift> I promised you. (Joy)Threee cheers for <player>! <catchphrase>!" The villager walks away happily.
  • "Having someone visit your house is proof that they're your friend, huh? (Distress)I'd sure like to see your place, too, <catchphrase>. *Hint hint.*" (Agreeing)"All right! What time should I visit?" (After setting time) "Uh-huh! <agreed time>, then? And we're talking about the <date>. I'll be there!"
  • "(Thought)Can you think of any weaknesses that bugs have? (Curiosity)Do you think they get ticklish if you touch their bellies? (Laughter)Ha! I'd like to see a <bug> rolling around laughing! Say, <player>, wanna see who can catch one first? It's a race, <catchphrase>! Whoever can get a <bug> to laugh first wins!"
  • "(Glee)I recently got this really nice picture of a couch, <catchphrase>. I haven't shown anyone yet, but I could show it to you. Want to see it?" (Player can answer "Oooh! Yeah!" or "No, thanks...") (Answering "Oooh! Yeah!")"(Realisation)You like couches, too?! (Shyness)You like couches, too?! My copy of Chillin' Magazine came in this bag, see? You have on, of course...I'm so embarrassed right now, <catchphrase>." (Answering "No, thanks") "(Shock) You don't like couches? That's too bad... (Curiosity)Aren't you even a little into them?" (Player can answer "Maybe a little." or "Enough already!") (Answering "Maybe a little.") "Sheesh! Why didn't you just say so from the beginning? You're weird, <player>! (Glee)But to celebrate your presence, I'll give you my <gift>. To my friendship with <player>! Cheers! <catchphrase>!"
  • "(Love)What would you say is the distance between our hearts?" (Middle of the bar)"Yeah, I guess I would say about the same thing. Maybe... Let's move closer, OK? You smell like <random drink>! Mmmmm!" (Towards "One inch.")"(Joy)Yeah! That's exactly it! You have such a fine-tuned sense of distance... (Love)It makes me so happy, I'm gonna give you my <gift>! To my friendship with <player>! Cheers! <catchphrase>!"
  • "(Thought)You know <Another male villager> and <Female Villager>? What do you think is up with them?""So, they're more than friends but not exactly dating? I just love talking about other people! It's almost as fun as eating!"
  • "Lately, I've been doing stretching exercises before getting into the bathtub. When you're limber, you're ready to strike on a moment's notice. (Curiosity)But what about bugs? Their bodies, are so, uh, crunchy, <catchphrase>. (Thought) I'd worry about a <bug>. (Inspiration)I'd really worry about a <bug>... Oh! I've got an idea! Let's see who can nab a <bug> first! The first one to make a <bug> do a split wins, <catchphrase>!"
  • (Finish a letter delivery in time)"(Glee)Wow! Nice work! It's kind of're Cupid or something! (Realisation)Hm... Oh! There's something I wanna give you to say thanks, <catchphrase>. Okeydokey then! Here's the <gift> I promised you. Huh huh huh! After getting that off my chest, I feel kinda hungry, <catchphrase>!"
  • "For some reason, I've totally stopped bumping into any bugs...(Distress)I thought I'd find a <random bug> in no time, <catchphrase>!"
  • "Whenever I see you, you look really busy. Hanging out doing nothing, like a <random object>, is one of youth's luxuries."
  • "Hey, <player>, I've always wondered what kind of a house you live in. (Irritation)You play it like you're all casual, (Mischief)but I bet your house is awesome! (Sadness)But this is all just speculation, 'cause you've never invited me over! (Curiosity)So whaddaya say? Can I come bu and see your place, <catchphrase>?" "Yay! All right, <catchphrase>! So, uh, when should I come over?"
  • "I'm gonna use this net to catch air. Then... (Glee)I'll bottle it and sell hip <town name> air in other towns!"
  • "I'm an adult now, so I can't do that kind of thing anymore, <catchphrase>." (Answering "What things?") "When Tom Nook... When he got obsessed with that kind of thing, all of <town name> suffered. Ohhh... (Sorrow)Too many tears! I can't even see you!" The villager walks away sadly.
  • "Ever since I was a kid, I've loved houses surrounded by trees. (Thought)I planted lots of trees all around my house... (Sorrow)But since they were all in my house's shadow, they got no sun and died!"

When the villager is sad:

  • "Everything just stinks...Sorry. I get really sad when I'm hungry, <catchphrase>."

Special conversations (The villager approaches the player):

  • "Hey, <player>! I thought up the perfect nickname for you, <catchphrase>!" "Yeah! It's "<nickname>." Isn't it just perfect, <catchphrase>?" "Then from now on, you're <nickname>. (Joy) Whoa! It sounds even cooler when I say it out loud, <nickname>!!!"
  • "The other day I went to see a <random sport> match with <random villager>, <catchphrase>. But more memorable than the match itself (Glee) was the <random food> I ate! I'll never forget it, <catchphrase>!"

Inside player's home[edit]


  • "Hey, <player>, my main, uh, human! Let's shake it, <catchphrase>!"
  • "Yaaay! Yaaay! I'm gonna kick it in <player>'s house, <catchphrase>! Well, here I come!"
  • "Hey, it's me! <Villager name>! I came to get down, <catchphrase>!"
  • "Huh huh huh... Well, I'll just come on in then..."
  • "Hey, <player>! The party has arrived! Let's go nuts! Got any snacks?"
  • "Well, uh, I'm comin' in, <catchpharse>!"

Viewing room[edit]

  • "Huh huh huh! Well… This place is certainly, uh, very "you"…"
  • "Hey, <player>,. I know you've got your system or whatever, but isn't it better to live in a place that matches the rest of your life? Like, you may have cool threads and all, but you live in a dump, see? So for the dump-living hipster, I have to say… You get ✮✮✮ out of five stars!"
  • "…Hey, how do you even live here, <catchphrase>? I'm not kidding! I mean, you don't have a… you know! You gotta have one of those! Out of five stars, I'm going to give this house ✮✮✮."
  • "Whoa! It sure is, uh, "fragrant" in here, <catchphrase>."
  • "Wow! Way to go, <player>! This room is perfect! An unmistakable ✮✮✮✮✮! Now, this is out of five stars, of course, so feel free to brag!"
  • "Spaghetti, ice cream, and me! Now that's a happy family, <catchphrase>! And your place definitely has that happy family feeling! Yep, I give it ✮✮✮✮ out of five stars! The only way to go up from here is to collect sets of furniture!"


  • "You know how water shoots out of your nose when you hear something funny? I guess somebody made your Merlion laugh, too, then, huh?"
  • "Whoa! That's kinda weird of you, <player>! That's...a men's toilet, isn't it? Why in the world would you keep that out in the open, <catchphrase>?"
  • "Whoa! Does your robo-sofa transform into a car? 'Cause that'd be SO COOL! WHIRR! CLICK! KER-CHUNK! BEEP BEEP! <catchphrase>! Awesome! I wanna transform, too! Then you could call me "Robo-<villager>"!"
  • "I read in a book once that doghouses are portals to other dimensions. It makes no sense, though. I know a dog, and his house is really nothing special."


  • "Well, today was tons of fun! Wiped me right out! Yeah… That was the best. Thanks! Good-bye. Maybe we can hang out again later."
  • "Yeah, I'm gettin' pretty hungry, ya know? Maybe I'll just see you around... But thanks for everything today, <catchphrase>! Good-bey. Maybe we can hang out again later."