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Should this template output text in multiple languages?[edit]

This template's primary use is helping users who are searching for villagers in a non-Egnlish language find the page they are looking for. I think it would be helpful then, for the template to output text in the appropriate language. This would help these messages stand out to the users who stand to benefit from them. English-speaking readers who won't be able to read them are not at a loss, because the information does not apply to them. That said, it may be a bit confusing for English-speaking readers to see a notice in another language at the top of an article page. Would love to hear thoughts on this. Sunmarshsignature.png (talk) 13:35, November 28, 2021 (EST)

I don't think this would really make a difference, because non-English readers who aren't able to read this template probably wouldn't be able to read the target page's content either.

Bombarder3 (talk) 05:07, December 29, 2021 (EST)