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Hey, it's Dab, back from the dead! I'm not going to be too active, at least, not for a while yet, but for the mean time, here are my objectives.

Learn how to do markup again. :P
Catalog every single type of paper from Wild World and upload it, revamping the stationery page and its assosiated pages.
Get to work on Project Fashion!

Bloggish Thing

I've decided to just do a little bit of writing about Nookipedia every so often, mainly just to monitor my own progress on the site.
20.2.11- Started up 'Project Fashion'- it looks like that with proper leadership, a project can do wonders for a topic. Having an HQ really helps to sort out things in my head, and gives direction to something that would otherwise just get worked on when I fancy it. But I'm going to focus on the stationery page for now; a half-finished page looks worse than a page that's been barely started, in a way.

Realising how much I loved being on this site when I was younger- looked over my old discussions on Animal Crossing City, rather fun. :)

6.3.11- Wasn't at all active over the past week- I had a dance show which I was practising like crazy for, and when I wasn't dancing, I was kinda sleeping. :P But I did say I wouldn't be so active at the moment.

I got dragged into a comic convention today, and on one stall, I found a key charm shaped like an Animal Crossing fossil! The woman was surprised I recognised it.

5.5.11- Had quite a long break, I know, but I only seem to go on Animal Crossing in lumps, and so I only edit in lumps, too. :P