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NLBoy2.png This project has been deemed inactive since April 3, 2011‎.
Users that wish to revive this project should first start a discussion on this project's talk page.

FASHION. It's got to be big, it's got to be beautiful. Nookipedia's certainly lacking in the style department, darling! We need cashmere, killer heels, couture! These pages just aren't gonna cut it, sweetie- time for a PROJECT FASHION make over.


Chief Fashionista: Dab
Gracies in Training: Oraki51


1) BE SEEN. We need to sort out infoboxes, tables... I'm thinking pink. Big statement colour. It's fashion, remember?
2) BE SORTED. The existing pages are a mess, peaches. A page dedicated to the camo set? What were they thinking? No-one's ever going to find that. We've got to make one big Clothes page. The same goes for Hats, Glasses, Headgear, Umbrellas, Shoes, Wigs, Ribbons, Hairpins, Feathers! One page for each, all linking back to the Clothes page and to those bars that go along the bottom of the page. EVERY page will have a table, with pricing, where it's found, when it's found, whether it's cool, classy, chic... all the fashion know-how.
3) BE STYLISH. Pictures. Mammoth task, I know, but every single fashion item needs to get up on that catwalk! That's what it was put on this earth to do. Perhaps photographed on the person, as part of an outfit, or even a look... Either way, every item needs to go on display, in a table, for the world to admire. Just bought a gorgeous new hat? TAKE A PHOTO. Seen some designer shades that would suit your zebra print dress and blazing red mohawk perfectly? Snap it up and get SNAPPING, sweetie!
4) CLARITY, DARLING. Pages affiliated with clothes to go on that bar in the bottom: CHARACTERS- Gracie, Labelle, Mabel, Sable. LOCATIONS- Able Sisters, GracieGrace.



Founded by Dabtowner in the small hours of the 20th of February 2011, Project Fashion was seen not only as an excuse for him to buy all the clothes in the Animal Crossing series, but as a fun way to sort out a big hole in Nookipedia's knowledge.