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This template will create a collapsible container for an item table and will generate its table header (table title and column names). This template accepts various parameters which determine the type of list to be created. This template replaces Template:ItemList and is to be used in conjunction with Template:TableContent and Template:TableFooter.

  • Major changes: This template can create tables for many item and page types, not just furniture and wallpaper on series pages. As of Mar. 30, 2016 the template should be able to produce tables for any type of item on any page you'll need to create a table on for all games in the Animal Crossing series. The template can also create mini navigation boxes using the gamelink parameter.
  • Minor changes: All tables are enclosed in containers and made collapsible by default. The cell border width has been increased from 2px to 4px. The order of some table column headings has changed. The Mar. 30, 2016 rework made all column header labels the same color; prior to this update the "Name" column was the same color as the container background. The template will also generate error messages when impossible combinations of parameters are entered.


All parameters are required unless otherwise noted.

  • title - The table heading text.
  • collapsed - Optional. Will cause the table to appear collapsed by default. Accepts a true or false value; default value is false.
  • gamelink - Optional. Will create a mini navigation box in the upper right-hand corner of the table that links to pages where other versions of the table are displayed. Accepts a true or false value; default value is false.
  • The pages linked to by the gamelink parameter are customizable! Simply type the link destinations as unnamed parameters (no brackets needed). Example: {{TableHeader|gamelink=true|firstlink|secondlink|...}}}
  • width - Optional. Allows the width of the table to be manipulated. Default width is 100%.
  • game - Enter the appropriate abbreviation to display an item table with headings corresponding to that AC title. Acceptable values listed below.
  • type - The type of item you're creating a list for (e.g. furniture, wallpaper, clothing, accessories etc.). Acceptable values listed below.
  • collection - The type of item grouping you're creating a list for (e.g. series, theme, set etc.). Acceptable values listed below.
Acceptable game Parameter Values
Game Value
Doubutsu no Mori DnM
Doubutsu no Mori+ DnM+
Animal Crossing ACGC
Doubutsu no Mori e+ DnMe+
Animal Crossing: Wild World ACWW
Animal Crossing: City Folk ACCF
Animal Crossing: New Leaf ACNL
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp ACPC
Animal Crossing: New Horizons ACNH
Acceptable type Parameter Values
Acceptable collection Parameter Values
(For leaf tickets crafting collections)

Example usage

Important: This template only creates the table and its container. Remember to pair it with Template:TableContent to format table contents and Template:TableFooter to close the table and container appropriately.

{{TableHeader|game=ACNL|type=music|collection=other|title=This is an ACNL music table.}} produces:

This is an ACNL music table.

Song Title Listen Buy Price Sell Price HHA Theme Mood Available From

{{TableHeader|game=ACNL|type=insect|collection=other|title=This is an ACNL insect table.}} produces:

This is an ACNL insect table.

# Name Image Price Rarity Size Location Time Months Peak

{{TableHeader|game=ACNL|type=fish|collection=other|title=This is an ACNL fish table.}} produces:

This is an ACNL fish table.

# Name Image Price Shadow Size Tank Location Time Months Peak

{{TableHeader|game=ACNL|type=seafood|collection=other|title=This is an ACNL seafood table.}} produces:

This is an ACNL seafood table.

# Name Image Price Shadow Movement Size Tank Location Time Months Peak