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Hello, this is Toadalind. I might add more to this page later. I think toads from the Mario Series are the best. I’m sort of new here, but know enough to help some new users. If I can’t help you, then I can direct you to someone with more knowledge than I do!

"“Hello, Hi, or Hoi!”"
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Things About Me

Well, I like The Pokémon Misdreavus and Clemont from the Pokémon X and Y Anime. And I also like Pokémon journeys and sun and moon anime. I like toads from Mario and I (in my opinion) think that most islands in ACNH have peaches as their native fruit. I am now also Galar champion in Pokémon sword. I am also struggling to beat Cynthia In Pokémon shining pearl. Her Lucario destroyed my luxray. I hope you either a) learned something by pressing those links or b) think I have too many links.