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I used to be Toadalind, but I’m coordinator Lissi now.

This is all kinda old and I don’t wanna go and change it all so I’m just gonna leave this here. I’m about 100000x more active in bulbagarden forums, or BMGf these days with the username coordinator Lissi. I’m probably not gonna use this account much, but I guess I’ll just put this here. Yea. I feel like I’ve had this account for a year and haven’t used it for half a year. I feel a lot older than before. And I’m a much bigger Pokémon fan than animal crossing these days. Sorry. That’s all I have to say I guess.

"“Hello, Hi, or Hoi!”"
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Things About Me

My name is not Lissi, but I do like it as an online name. I’m never active here anymore and you can stop scrolling cause everything else here is old and I don’t have enough energy to redo it. I’m way more active on bulbagarden forums as I already said, so check me out there I guess.

Well, I like The Pokémon Misdreavus and Clemont from the Pokémon X and Y Anime. And I also like Pokémon journeys and sun and moon anime. I like toads from Mario and I (in my opinion) think that most islands in ACNH have peaches as their native fruit. I am now also champion in Pokémon sword,Pokémon shining pearl and Pokémon Violet. Champion of three regions! I hope you either a) learned something by pressing those links or b) think I have too many links.