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"nh_houses" values

interiorHouse of Alli NH.png
exteriorHouse of Alli NH Model.png
wallpaperWoodland Wall
wallpaper_imgWoodland Wall_NH_Icon.png
flooringRosewood Flooring
flooring_imgRosewood Flooring_NH_Icon.png
musicK.K. Soul
items[ {"name": "Rattan Vanity", "count": 1, "img": "Rattan Vanity (Gray) NH Icon.png", "note": ""}, {"name": "Rattan Low Table", "count": 1, "img": "Rattan Low Table (Gray) NH Icon.png", "note": ""}, {"name": "Hi-Fi Stereo", "count": 1, "img": "", "note": ""}, {"name": "Rattan End Table", "count": 1, "img": "Rattan End Table (Gray) NH Icon.png", "note": ""}, {"name": "Rattan Wardrobe", "count": 1, "img": "Rattan Wardrobe (Gray) NH Icon.png", "note": ""}, {"name": "Rattan Armchair", "count": 1, "img": "Rattan Armchair (Gray) NH Icon.png", "note": ""}, {"name": "Humidifier", "count": 1, "img": "Humidifier (Brown) NH Icon.png", "note": ""}, {"name": "Rattan Bed", "count": 1, "img": "Rattan Bed (Gray) NH Icon.png", "note": ""}, {"name": "Folding Floor Lamp", "count": 1, "img": "", "note": ""}, {"name": "Hanging Terrarium", "count": 1, "img": "", "note": ""} ]