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Table structure

  • name - String
  • name_sort - String
  • image - String
  • image_url - String
  • photo - String
  • photo_url - String
  • icon - String
  • icon_url - String
  • birthday - String
  • birthday_sort - Integer
  • sign - String
  • gender - String
  • personality - String
  • catchphrase - String
  • catchphrase_note - String
  • catchphrase2 - String
  • catchphrase2_note - String
  • quote - String
  • species - String
  • clothing - String
  • theme - String
  • material - String
  • description - Text
  • friendshipLevel - Integer
  • blathers - Boolean
  • island - String
  • furniture1 - String
  • furniture2 - String
  • furniture3 - String
  • furniture4 - String
  • furniture5 - String
  • friendReward1 - String
  • friendReward3 - String
  • friendRewardLvl1 - Integer
  • friendRewardLvl2 - Integer
  • friendRewardLvl3 - Integer
  • version_added - String
  • date_unlocked - Date

Data table

This table has 341 rows altogether.

Page name name sort image image url photo photo url icon icon url birthday birthday sort sign gender personality catchphrase catchphrase note catchphrase2 catchphrase2 note quote species clothing theme material description friendshipLevel blathers island furniture1 furniture2 furniture3 furniture4 furniture5 friendReward1 friendReward3 friendRewardLvl1 friendRewardLvl2 friendRewardLvl3 version added date unlocked
Ace Ace Ace Ace PC.png Ace's Pic PC Texture.png Ace PC Villager Icon.png August 11 811 Leo Male Jock ace If you love something, let it go. Then chase it down. What were you thinking? Bird spade tee Rustic Preserves Ace is always on the move. The only surefire way to slow him down is to point a camera at him—he'll stop just long enough to flex for the photo. Yes Ace and Pals' Island spade tee water bird 7 9 15 4.4.2c November 29, 2021
Admiral Admiral Admiral Admiral PC.png Admiral's Pic PC Texture.png Admiral PC Villager Icon.png January 27 127 Aquarius Male Cranky aye aye Only quitters give up. Bird Brown-Bar Tee Historical Preserves No one likes to hang out with a stuck-up narcissist that doesn't care about anyone else. Luckily, Admiral's the opposite of that. Yes Del and Pals' Island Brown-Bar Tee Clay Furnace 7 9 15 4.4.0 August 26, 2021
Agent S Agent S Agent S Agent S PC.png Agent S's Pic PC Texture.png Agent S PC Villager Icon.png July 2 702 Cancer Female Peppy sidekick You gotta put the pedal to the metal! Squirrel No. 2 Shirt Sporty Wood With her boundless energy and small size, Agent S is invaluable in the battle against injustice. Look out, evildoers! (You may have to squint.) Yes Agent S and Pals' Island No. 2 Shirt Blue Corner 7 9 15 2.6.0 September 11, 2019
Agnes Agnes Agnes Agnes PC.png Agnes's Pic PC Texture.png Agnes PC Villager Icon.png April 21 421 Taurus Female Big sister snuffle You reap what you sow. Pig Dazed Tee Cool Cotton Her skin is surprisingly sensitive to the sun's rays. Sure, she can't tan or burn, but it's important to wear sunscreen anyway. UV rays are no joke! 7 No Sleek Chair Lovely Chair (Lovely Pink) Lovely Armoire (Lovely Pink) Lovely Table (Black and Pink) Sleek Sofa Dazed Tee Kaiseki Meal 7 9 15 0.9.0 October 25, 2017
Al Al Al Al PC.png Al's Pic PC Texture.png Al PC Villager Icon.png October 18 1,018 Libra Male Lazy ayyyeee Life is a buffet. Always go back for seconds. Gorilla Red Warm-Up Suit Natural Steel No one likes to get caught behind Al on a sidewalk. He moves at a...leisurely pace, to put it nicely. In all fairness, though, he is still waking up. Yes Soleil and Pals' Island Red Warm-Up Suit Vaulting Horse 7 9 15 4.0.0 November 24, 2020
Alfonso Alfonso Alfonso Alfonso PC.png Alfonso's Pic PC Texture.png Alfonso PC Villager Icon.png June 9 609 Gemini Male Lazy it'sa me Slow and steady wins the race. Alligator Mario's Tee Natural Wood Alfonso loves to dream. Chances are, if he's not eating, he's probably trying to sneak in a nap. 7 No Grass Standee Pastel-Dot Rug Kiddie Chair Kiddie Dresser (Basic) Tree Standee Mario's Tee Train Set 7 9 15 0.9.0 October 25, 2017
Alice Alice Alice Alice PC.png Alice's Pic PC Texture.png Alice PC Villager Icon.png August 19 819 Leo Female Normal guvnor Treat others as you would like to be treated. Koala Barber Tee Modern Paper She likes that her blue eyes and red nose make her stand out, but her private worry is that her freckles go too far. Alice doesn't want THAT much attention. 5 No Modern Rug Console Table Brown Seat Cup of Mint Tea Succulent Plant Barber Tee Pawn 7 9 15 1.8.0c September 25, 2018
Alli Alli Alli Alli PC.png Alli's Pic PC Texture.png Alli PC Villager Icon.png November 8 1,108 Scorpio Female Snooty graaagh Think before you act. Alligator Leopard Tee Elegant Wood Alli takes great pains to apply lipstick to her lips every morning. Seriously, look how big those teeth are! Yes Tangy and Pals' Island Leopard Tee Cabana Wardrobe 7 9 15 4.2.1f June 28, 2021
Anabelle Anabelle Anabelle Anabelle PC.png Anabelle's Pic PC Texture.png Anabelle PC Villager Icon.png February 16 216 Aquarius Female Peppy snorty Dance like no one's watching! Anteater Tropical Tee Harmonious Steel Annabelle has a tendency to say "Snorty!" in response to anything and everything. She seems to want to change this habit...but it's part of her charm, so she probably doesn't need to worry about it. Yes Anabelle and Pals' Island Tropical Tee Flower Bed 7 9 15 2.1.0 January 30, 2019
Anchovy Anchovy Anchovy Anchovy PC.png Anchovy's Pic PC Texture.png Anchovy PC Villager Icon.png March 4 304 Pisces Male Lazy chuurp Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? Bird Earthy Knit Shirt Modern Preserves Anchovy is a classic procrastinator. Once, after not cleaning his room for months on end, the mess stacked up so high, he couldn't find the exit. Yes Blaire's Island Earthy Knit Shirt Simple Armchair 7 9 15 5.0.4 May 11, 2022
Angus Angus Angus Angus PC.png Angus's Pic PC Texture.png Angus PC Villager Icon.png April 30 430 Taurus Male Cranky macmoo Even strong men cry. Bull Flame Tee Cool Preserves Angus is known for many accomplishments. Being quiet is not one of them. 7 No Fan Palm Brown Lattice Fence Wooden Counter (Basic) Natural Table Simple Love Seat Flame Tee Streetlight 7 9 15 0.9.0 October 25, 2017
Anicotti Anicotti Anicotti Anicotti PC.png Anicotti's Pic PC Texture.png Anicotti PC Villager Icon.png February 24 224 Pisces Female Peppy cannoli The walls have ears. Mouse Peachy Tee Hip Cotton Anicotti's enthusiasm is so infectious that her neighbors sometimes wish there were a vaccine. 5 No Margherita Pizza Kiddie Table (Green Kiddie) Round Stage Rug Kitschy Clock Garbage Bin Peachy Tee Neon Sign 7 9 15 1.9.0 October 16, 2018
Ankha Ankha Ankha Ankha PC.png Ankha's Pic PC Texture.png Ankha PC Villager Icon.png September 22 922 Virgo Female Snooty me meow All that glitters is not gold. Cat Mummy Shirt Historical Wood Ankha is a cat veiled in mystery... She may look young, but some have said she might actually be 3,000 years old! If that's true, she's holding up really well. Yes Tutu and Pals' Island Mummy Shirt Pyramid 7 9 15 4.4.2e January 31, 2022
Annalisa Annalisa Annalisa Annalisa PC.png Annalisa's Pic PC Texture.png Annalisa PC Villager Icon.png February 6 206 Aquarius Female Normal gumdrop Home is where the heart is. Anteater Dazed Tee Harmonious Steel At first glance, one might think Annalisa is all elegance and grace. Deep down, however, she's as klutzy as the rest of us. Yes Annalisa and Pals' Island Dazed Tee Blossom Lantern 7 9 15 4.0.1 December 27, 2020
Annalise Annalise Annalise Annalise PC.png Annalise's Pic PC Texture.png Annalise PC Villager Icon.png December 2 1,202 Sagittarius Female Snooty nipper Let gossip go in one ear and out the other. Horse Tropical Tee Sporty Steel Annalise has always had her own unique style. The minute it even starts to catch on with others, she changes it. In her mind, the whole point is to NOT be like anybody else. Yes Annalise and Pals' Island Tropical Tee Red Surfboard 7 9 15 4.2.1f June 28, 2021
Antonio Antonio Antonio Antonio PC.png Antonio's Pic PC Texture.png Antonio PC Villager Icon.png October 20 1,020 Libra Male Jock honk Always go for the burn! Anteater Big-Star Tee Sporty Steel Antonio is the kind of guy who likes to keep it real—in a literal sense. Seriously, he's a nonfiction enthusiast. 5 No CD Shelf Refrigerator Blue Chair Blue Table Sink Big-Star Tee Mouth of Truth 7 9 15 1.0.2 December 5, 2017
Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo PC.png Apollo's Pic PC Texture.png Apollo PC Villager Icon.png July 4 704 Cancer Male Cranky pah What goes up must come down. Eagle Zipper Shirt Cool Paper Stern of brow and hooked of beak, he's frequently misunderstood based on his appearance. He might take umbrage, if he cared what other people thought. 1 No Modern Sofa Aloe Hammock Worktable Zipper Shirt Electric Bass 7 9 10 0.9.0 October 25, 2017
Apple Apple Apple Apple PC.png Apple's Pic PC Texture.png Apple PC Villager Icon.png September 24 924 Libra Female Peppy cheekers One rotten apple spoils the barrel. Hamster Lite Polka Tee Cute Wood Kind and considerate doesn't even begin to describe Apple. She loves to share so much, in fact, she's never eaten more than half a sandwich at a time. 5 No Weeping Fig Polka-Dot TV Polka-Dot Stool Polka-Dot Low Table Polka-Dot Sofa Lite Polka Tee Juicy-Apple TV 7 9 15 0.9.0 October 25, 2017
Astrid Astrid Astrid Astrid PC.png Astrid's Pic PC Texture.png Astrid PC Villager Icon.png September 8 908 Virgo Female Snooty my pet The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Kangaroo Star Tee Cool Steel Astrid doesn't judge her neighbors by what type of animal they are or what their background was like. But she cares a LOT about their star sign. Yes Agent S and Pals' Island Star Tee Double-Neck Guitar 7 9 15 2.3.1b May 17, 2019
Audie Audie Audie Audie PC.png Audie's Pic PC Texture.png Audie PC Villager Icon.png August 31 831 Virgo Female Peppy foxtrot Be the kind of person your future self won't regret having been. Wolf Sunflower Tee Sporty Steel Audie has the ability to brighten anyone's day with her warm presence. No matter where you are, you'll feel like you're on vacation when you're talking to her. Yes Audie and Pals' Island Sunflower Tee Palm-Tree Lamp 7 9 15 3.1.2b March 20, 2020
Aurora Aurora Aurora Aurora PC.png Aurora's Pic PC Texture.png Aurora PC Villager Icon.png January 27 127 Aquarius Female Normal b-b-baby Always keep your cool. Penguin Pink Tartan Tee Civic Cotton Aurora would appreciate it if you'd look past the stutter to focus on her eloquence and p-p-poise. Ahem...let's try that again from the top. 5 No Tall Cactus Red Cash Register Wooden Counter (Walnut) Store Shelf Menu Chalkboard Pink Tartan Tee Aurora Screen 7 9 15 2.0.2 December 17, 2018
Ava Ava Ava Ava PC.png Ava's Pic PC Texture.png Ava PC Villager Icon.png April 28 428 Taurus Female Normal beaker Early to bed, early to rise. Chicken Checkerboard Tee Rustic Wood Ava enjoys living a clean, healthy lifestyle. She's never once found it boring. For her, the epitome of excitement is eating a carrot. To each their own... 3 No Paella Cabin Chair Wood-Plank Table Smoker Log Fence Checkerboard Tee Large Egg 7 9 15 1.1.0 January 7, 2018
Avery Avery Avery Avery PC.png Avery's Pic PC Texture.png Avery PC Villager Icon.png February 22 222 Pisces Male Cranky skree-haw What goes around comes around. Eagle Uncommon Shirt Rustic Paper Avery has the look of someone from a bygone era transplanted to modern days. It doesn't seem like his speech has caught up with the times yet, either. 7 No Wheat Bundle Watering Trough Tiki Torch Pantheon Post Covered Wagon Uncommon Shirt Storefront 7 9 15 1.0.2 December 21, 2017
Azalea Azalea Azalea Azalea PC.png Azalea's Pic PC Texture.png Azalea PC Villager Icon.png December 18 1,218 Sagittarius Female Snooty merci Colorful petals, deep roots. Rhinoceros Floral Knit Dress Natural Paper Azalea is as elegant as a rose and equally as thorny. If you catch her in a bad mood, don't take it personally. Yes Ace and Pals' Island Floral Knit Dress Alpine Bed 7 9 15 4.4.2c November 29, 2021
Baabara Baabara Baabara Baabara PC.png Baabara's Pic PC Texture.png Baabara PC Villager Icon.png March 28 328 Aries Female Snooty daahling Don't just follow the flock. Sheep purple-tie-dye tee Elegant paper Baabara gets plenty of exercise. Eyelash curls, grocery runs, and power naps are all part of her daily regimen. Yes Ed and Pals' Island purple-tie-dye tee turntable 7 9 15 5.3.0d January 11, 2023
Bam Bam Bam Bam PC.png Bam's Pic PC Texture.png Bam PC Villager Icon.png November 7 1,107 Scorpio Male Jock boosh Before version 3.3.0 kablang Since version 3.3.0 Get while the getting's good. Deer Green Warm-Up Jacket Sporty Steel With Bam, there are no surprises. His outspoken nature can be jarring at first, but he isn't afraid to say what's on his mind. 3 No Folding Chair School Desk Hurdle Aloe Worktable Green Warm-Up Jacket Exercise Ball 7 9 10 1.3.0 March 24, 2018
Bea Bea Bea Bea PC.png Bea's Pic PC Texture.png Bea PC Villager Icon.png October 15 1,015 Libra Female Normal bingo The perfect pair complements each other. Dog Go-Go Shirt Rustic Steel If Bea calls you by the wrong name, don't take it seriously. She hasn't been to the eye doctor in years. Yes Bea and Pals' Island Go-Go Shirt Bread-Making Set 7 9 15 2.6.0 September 11, 2019
Beardo Beardo Beardo Beardo PC.png Beardo's Pic PC Texture.png Beardo PC Villager Icon.png September 27 927 Libra Male Smug whiskers Fashion first! Bear Detective Outfit Historical Paper Beardo is an old-fashioned gentleman, in a newfangled kind of way. Yes Beardo and Pals' Island Detective Outfit Luxury Car 7 9 15 2.6.0 September 11, 2019
Beau Beau Beau Beau PC.png Beau's Pic PC Texture.png Beau PC Villager Icon.png April 5 405 Aries Male Lazy saltlick You snooze, you lose. Deer Deer Shirt Natural Steel Beau is so adorable everyone in town can't help but fawn over him. Some believe this may have stunted his maturity. 3 No Round Mini Cactus Green Chair Ranch Hutch Ranch Bed Green Desk Deer Shirt Bonfire 7 9 15 0.9.0 October 25, 2017
Benedict Benedict Benedict Benedict PC.png Benedict's Pic PC Texture.png Benedict PC Villager Icon.png October 10 1,010 Libra Male Lazy uh-hoo Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Chicken Two-Ball Tee Historical Wood Benedict's convinced he's forgetful because he was abducted by aliens and they put a chip in his head. If only he could remember he was just born forgetful. Yes Benedict and Pals' Island Two-Ball Tee Satellite 7 9 15 4.0.0 November 24, 2020
Bertha Bertha Bertha Bertha PC.png Bertha's Pic PC Texture.png Bertha PC Villager Icon.png April 25 425 Taurus Female Normal bloop The best part of spring is the picnics! Hippo Funky-Dot Tee Harmonious Cotton Bertha loves nothing more than a good twist, but her passion for mystery is what usually spoils it. If only she had the self-control to not read the ending before the rest of the book. Yes Bertha and Pals' Island Funky-Dot Tee Cabana Dresser 7 9 15 4.2.1b April 26, 2021
Bianca Bianca Bianca Bianca PC.png Bianca's Pic PC Texture.png Bianca PC Villager Icon.png December 13 1,213 Sagittarius Female Peppy glimmer There is such a thing as love at first sight. Tiger Red Down Jacket Sporty Preserves Bianca is like a coiled spring when it comes to her projects: always tense and ready to pounce. Only rarely does she put the claws away to calm down. 3 No Director's Chair Garden Table Camp Stove Small Igloo Holly Red Down Jacket Snowboard 7 9 15 2.0.2 December 17, 2018
Big Top Big Top Big Top Big Top PC.png Big Top's Pic PC Texture.png Big Top PC Villager Icon.png October 3 1,003 Libra Male Lazy villain A big nose never spoiled a handsome face. Elephant No. 3 Shirt Sporty Steel Strong as he is, Big Top isn't one for picking fights. He's much more interested in picking berries...or which couch to nap on. Yes Big Top and Pals' Island No. 3 Shirt Neutral Corner 7 9 15 2.6.0 September 11, 2019
Bill Bill Bill Bill PC.png Bill's Pic PC Texture.png Bill PC Villager Icon.png February 1 201 Aquarius Male Jock quacko Even though there's no 'I' in team, there is a 'me'! Duck No. 2 Shirt Harmonious Steel For Bill, his body is his temple. It's also his paycheck, given that he's a professional athlete. In what sport? Uh... 5 No Blue Vase Cabana Table Exotic Bench Exotic Chest Bamboo Rug No. 2 Shirt Lotus Pond 7 9 10 1.2.2 March 7, 2018
Billy Billy Billy Billy PC.png Billy's Pic PC Texture.png Billy PC Villager Icon.png March 25 325 Aries Male Jock dagnaabit Old dogs can learn new tricks. Goat Sharp Outfit Civic Cotton Billy wasn't always the macho goat he is today. He used to spend his days sitting on couches and eating chips. Now he spends his days lifting up couches and eating chips. Yes Buzz and Pals' Island Sharp Outfit Lucky Doll 7 9 15 3.3.1b August 23, 2020
Biskit Biskit Biskit Biskit PC.png Biskit's Pic PC Texture.png Biskit PC Villager Icon.png May 13 513 Taurus Male Lazy dawg Let sleeping dogs lie. Dog Deep-Blue Tee Hip Steel Biskit always seems to be stuck in a daydream. What he's dreaming about, no one really knows. Probably something of the dessert variety. Yes Lolly and Pals' Island Deep-Blue Tee Alarm Clock 7 9 15 3.3.0 June 28, 2020
Bitty Bitty Bitty Bitty PC.png Bitty's Pic PC Texture.png Bitty PC Villager Icon.png October 6 1,006 Libra Female Snooty my dear Necessity is the mother of all invention. Hippo Funky-Dot Tee Cute Cotton Bitty is often described as loud, bombastic, and unabashedly pink. You'd never guess that her home is so stark and minimalistic. 7 No Cypress Plant Lovely Chair (Lovely Pink) Lovely Armoire (Lovely Pink) Lovely Table (Lovely Pink) Lovely Love Seat (Lovely Pink) Funky-Dot Tee Illuminated Heart 7 9 15 0.9.0 October 25, 2017
Blaire Blaire Blaire Blaire PC.png Blaire's Pic PC Texture.png Blaire PC Villager Icon.png July 3 703 Cancer Female Snooty nutlet Practice makes perfect. Squirrel Peachy Tee Civic Wood Blaire likes to describe her style as "constantly evolving," but sometimes we wonder if that's just her way of saying that she's indecisive. Yes Blaire's Island Peachy Tee Lily Record Player 7 9 15 5.0.4 May 11, 2022
Blanche Blanche Blanche Blanche PC.png Blanche's Pic PC Texture.png Blanche PC Villager Icon.png December 21 1,221 Sagittarius Female Snooty quite so Nothing beats personal experience. Ostrich Straw Shirt Harmonious Steel She's a crafty old bird, no two ways about it. She can size people up in an instant and adjust her approach to them to match. Yes Blanche and Pals' Island Straw Shirt Paulownia Closet 7 9 15 4.2.1b April 26, 2021
Bluebear Bluebear Bluebear Bluebear PC.png Bluebear's Pic PC Texture.png Bluebear PC Villager Icon.png June 24 624 Cancer Female Peppy peach Candy makes the world go 'round. Bear cub Lemon Gingham Tee Cute Steel Bluebear can be pushy...and maybe even a little too pushy sometimes. Luckily, her friends don't seem to trust in her advice. 3 No Alpine Lamp Pachira Alpine Rug Alpine Low Table Alpine Sofa Lemon Gingham Tee Papa Bear (Basic) 7 9 15 1.0.2 December 5, 2017
Bob Bob Bob Bob PC.png Bob's Pic PC Texture.png Bob PC Villager Icon.png January 1 101 Capricorn Male Lazy pthhpth You only live once...or nine times. Cat Blossom Tee Hip Wood Bob is an easygoing kind of guy. He doesn't worry too much about what he does or says, which doesn't always end well. 5 No Capsule-Toy Machine Kiddie Table (Basic) Kiddie Bureau Kiddie Rug Kiddie Couch Blossom Tee Boot Sculpture 7 9 15 1.1.5 January 30, 2018
Bonbon Bonbon Bonbon Bonbon PC.png Bonbon's Pic PC Texture.png Bonbon PC Villager Icon.png March 3 303 Pisces Female Peppy deelish Hindsight is always 20/20. Rabbit Chocomint Tee Cute Wood Bonbon is a firm believer in quantity over quality. She'll get plenty of work done, if you don't mind some of it being flat-out wrong. Yes Poncho and Pals' Island Chocomint Tee Modern Wood Bed 7 9 15 4.1.0 February 26, 2021
Bones Bones Bones Bones PC.png Bones's Pic PC Texture.png Bones PC Villager Icon.png August 4 804 Leo Male Lazy yip yip A snack a day keeps the vacuum away. Dog Caveman Tank Historical Steel In this world, there are folks with the brains and folks with the heart. Jury's out on where Bones fits into that system. Yes Shep and Pals' Island Caveman Tank Classic Bookcase 7 9 15 5.0.1 February 26, 2022
Boomer Boomer Boomer Boomer PC.png Boomer's Pic PC Texture.png Boomer PC Villager Icon.png February 7 207 Aquarius Male Lazy human Flying is believing. Penguin Explorer Tee Historical Cotton If you see him get a certain thousand-yard stare in his eyes, don't worry. His mind has just gone blank again. Yes Del and Pals' Island Explorer Tee Captain's Monitor 7 9 15 4.4.0 August 26, 2021
Boone Boone Boone Boone PC.png Boone's Pic PC Texture.png Boone PC Villager Icon.png September 12 912 Virgo Male Jock baboom Never settle for second best. Gorilla Comfy Sweater Rustic Steel People think Boone's all about muscles and protein shakes, but there's nothing he loves more than watching a lovely sunset...while drinking a protein shake. 7 No Covered Wagon Saddle Fence Raven Pole Desert Cactus Well Comfy Sweater Sandbag 7 9 15 1.6.0 July 15, 2018
Boots Boots Boots Boots PC.png Boots's Pic PC Texture.png Boots PC Villager Icon.png August 7 807 Leo Male Jock munchie Strength lies in muscles. Alligator Jester Shirt Natural Wood When it comes to fashion, Boots likes to keep things simple. If it were up to him, tracksuits could be worn on all occasions, formal or otherwise. They are suits, aren't they? 3 No Plain Tree Stump Sleigh Bamboo Fence Bamboo Bench Outdoor Bath Jester Shirt Potbelly Stove 7 9 15 1.1.0 January 7, 2018
Boris Boris Boris Boris PC.png Boris's Pic PC Texture.png Boris PC Villager Icon.png November 6 1,106 Scorpio Male Cranky schnort Life's short. Eat chocolate. Pig Splendid Tee Cool Cotton Some folks are always in a good mood. Boris is one of those folks. Whenever you need a favor or a pick-me-up, he's there to do the job. Yes Olivia and Pals' Island Splendid Tee Jail Bars 7 9 15 3.0.0 November 24, 2019
Boyd Boyd Boyd Boyd PC.png Boyd's Pic PC Texture.png Boyd PC Villager Icon.png October 1 1,001 Libra Male Cranky uh-oh There's always time to take a second look. Gorilla Good-Fortune Clothes Sporty Steel Give a gorilla a forklift, and he'll lift all the forks! Boyd may be a bit rough around the edges, but he's a good guy to know when you're moving. Yes Marcie and Pals' Island Good-Fortune Clothes Manhole Cover 7 9 15 4.1.0 February 26, 2021
Bree Bree Bree Bree PC.png Bree's Pic PC Texture.png Bree PC Villager Icon.png July 7 707 Cancer Female Snooty cheeseball The gift says more about the giver. Mouse Floral Knit Tee Civic Cotton A messy room means a messy mind, Bree always says! She never stops thinking about how to stay clean. Her room is practically spotless! 5 No Minimalist Lamp Minimalist Vanity Partition Screen Pastel-Dot Rug Minimalist Sofa Floral Knit Tee Dishwasher 7 9 15 2.2.0b March 17, 2019
Broccolo Broccolo Broccolo Broccolo PC.png Broccolo's Pic PC Texture.png Broccolo PC Villager Icon.png June 30 630 Cancer Male Lazy eat it One nap leads to another. Mouse Kiddie Tee Hip Cotton His latest idea is to use a 3D printer to make giant blocks and build a house out of them. We can't help but wonder what Tom Nook would have to say to that. 5 No Dracaena Egg Clock Egg Rug Egg Table Egg Bench Kiddie Tee Tricycle 7 9 15 1.3.0 March 24, 2018
Broffina Broffina Broffina Broffina PC.png Broffina's Pic PC Texture.png Broffina PC Villager Icon.png October 24 1,024 Scorpio Female Snooty cluckadoo Don't peck the hand that feeds you. Chicken Fiendish Shirt Elegant Wood Broffina knows how to spin a tragic tale. Listen closely, however, and you'll notice all her complaints are pretty minor. Yes Peck and Pals' Island Fiendish Shirt Elegant Bench 7 9 15 5.2.0 September 29, 2022
Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce PC.png Bruce's Pic PC Texture.png Bruce PC Villager Icon.png May 26 526 Gemini Male Cranky gruff Nobody's perfect. Deer After-School Jacket Cool Steel Bruce doesn't like to beat around the bush. In fact, he's not too fond of shrubbery in general. Yes Bea and Pals' Island After-School Jacket Mahjong Table 7 9 15 2.3.1b May 17, 2019
Buck Buck Buck Buck PC.png Buck's Pic PC Texture.png Buck PC Villager Icon.png April 4 404 Aries Male Jock pardner Keep your eyes on the prize. Horse Eight-Ball Tee Sporty Steel The only way to describe Buck is competitive. He tries so hard at everything that he usually ends up overexerting himself and getting hurt. You might even say he's the best at it. Yes Pecan and Pals' Island Eight-Ball Tee Mini Circuit 7 9 15 3.2.0 April 24, 2020
Bud Bud Bud Bud PC.png Bud's Pic PC Texture.png Bud PC Villager Icon.png August 8 808 Leo Male Jock maaan Before version 3.3.0 shredded Since version 3.3.0 You're not living unless you're sweating! Lion Yellow Aloha Tee Sporty Cotton Bud lives life in the only real way: buff and tough. Bustling with muscles, ripped to the tip, et cetera. 5 No Cream Soda Beach Chair Portable Toilet Beach Table Surfboard Yellow Aloha Tee Diver Dan 7 9 15 0.9.0 October 25, 2017
Bunnie Bunnie Bunnie Bunnie PC.png Bunnie's Pic PC Texture.png Bunnie PC Villager Icon.png May 9 509 Taurus Female Peppy tee-hee Hare today, gone tomorrow. Rabbit Jade Plaid Tee Cute Wood She's fun to be around, but her friends can never shake the sensation that they're not quite on the same page as Bunnie, no matter what they're doing together. 3 No Baby Bear Cute Rug Round-Cloth Table (Basic) Caladium Lovely Chair (Basic) Jade Plaid Tee Upright Piano 7 9 15 0.9.0 October 25, 2017
Butch Butch Butch Butch PC.png Butch's Pic PC Texture.png Butch PC Villager Icon.png November 1 1,101 Scorpio Male Cranky ROOOOOWF A house without either a cat or a dog is a sad house indeed. Dog Arctic-Camo Tee Sporty Steel Butch is like the bossy older brother you never had...and never really wanted. But now you've got him, so enjoy! 3 No Mountain Bike Hedge Elephant Slide Tire Toy Jungle Gym Arctic-Camo Tee Billiard Table 7 9 15 0.9.0 October 25, 2017
Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz PC.png Buzz's Pic PC Texture.png Buzz PC Villager Icon.png December 7 1,207 Sagittarius Male Cranky captain Pride'll put you in a pickle. Eagle Racer 6 Tee Cool Paper While most folks like to keep their more cantankerous side hidden from view, Buzz prefers to flaunt his. In fact, he's all cantankerous side. Yes Buzz and Pals' Island Racer 6 Tee White Katana 7 9 15 3.3.1b August 23, 2020
Cally Cally Cally Cally PC.png Cally's Pic PC Texture.png Cally PC Villager Icon.png September 4 904 Virgo Female Normal WHEE It's always teatime somewhere. Squirrel Ladybug Tank Natural Wood The way her big, pink cheeks wiggle while she speaks or eats is almost mesmerizing. It could be why she has so many friends...and so much food. Yes Chester and Pals' Island Ladybug Tank Water Pump 7 9 15 5.0.4 April 29, 2022
Camofrog Camofrog Camofrog Camofrog PC.png Camofrog's Pic PC Texture.png Camofrog PC Villager Icon.png June 5 605 Gemini Male Cranky ten-hut What you can't see can't hurt you. Frog MVP Tee Cool Steel As he's emerged unscathed from countless scuffles, Camofrog's clearly got a talent for stealth. One time, when playing hide-and-seek, he went missing for days. Yes Blaire's Island MVP Tee Pile of Pipes 7 9 15 5.0.4 May 11, 2022
Candi Candi Candi Candi PC.png Candi's Pic PC Texture.png Candi PC Villager Icon.png April 13 413 Aries Female Peppy sweetie The players may change, but the music stays the same. Mouse Deer Shirt Historical Cotton Ever since she was little, Candi's been a big fan of all things music. Now she's about to take the next step and make music of her very own. Yes Zucker and Pals' Island Deer Shirt Sanshin 7 9 15 4.0.0 November 24, 2020
Carmen Carmen Carmen Carmen PC.png Carmen's Pic PC Texture.png Carmen PC Villager Icon.png January 6 106 Capricorn Female Peppy nougat Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Rabbit Mint Gingham Tee Modern Wood Carmen read recently in Ms. Nintendique that Scandinavian colors are in this year and that mint-chocolate ice cream is out. "SO true," she murmured. 3 No Chocolate Cake Modern Wood Lamp Modern Wood Table Brown Seat Tartan Rug Mint Gingham Tee Chocolate Fountain 7 9 15 1.4.2 May 25, 2018
Caroline Caroline Caroline Caroline PC.png Caroline's Pic PC Texture.png Caroline PC Villager Icon.png July 15 715 Cancer Female Normal hulaaaa New brooms sweep clean. Squirrel Gelato Tee Rustic Wood She's friendly and sociable, but not to the point of being a nuisance. A small tip: the best way to her heart is to play a sport. Yes Caroline and Pals' Island Gelato Tee Sunflower 7 9 15 5.1.0 June 27, 2022
Carrie Carrie Carrie Carrie PC.png Carrie's Pic PC Texture.png Carrie PC Villager Icon.png December 5 1,205 Sagittarius Female Normal little one A mother's work is never done. Kangaroo Toad Tee Cute Steel Carrie does her best to instill in her children the value of independence. Her daughter can already read, write, and do her makeup all by herself! 5 No Kiddie Rug Ringtoss Crayons Pastel Low Table Toy Piano Toad Tee Cradle 7 9 15 0.9.0 October 25, 2017
Cashmere Cashmere Cashmere Cashmere PC.png Cashmere's Pic PC Texture.png Cashmere PC Villager Icon.png April 2 402 Aries Female Snooty baaaby 100% Wool. Sheep Nebula Tee Historical Paper Cashmere is more than a chef—she's a culinary artiste. Her peanut butter and jelly sandwich was exhibited in museums around the world. Yes Felicity and Pals' Island Nebula Tee Kitchen Stove 7 9 15 3.3.1b August 23, 2020
Celia Celia Celia Celia PC.png Celia's Pic PC Texture.png Celia PC Villager Icon.png March 25 325 Aries Female Normal feathers It's the thought that counts. Eagle Loud Bloom Tee Elegant Paper Celia is very friendly and outgoing, though the sight of a large eagle bearing down on them has given some of her mousy neighbors the wrong idea. Yes Rocket and Pals' Island Loud Bloom Tee Statue Fountain 7 9 15 2.4.0c June 18, 2019
Cephalobot Cephalobot Cephalobot Cephalobot PC.png Cephalobot's Pic PC Texture.png Cephalobot PC Villager Icon.png April 1 401 Aries Male Smug donk donk Take me to your pizza. Octopus Prism Tee Hip Paper With his metallic body and sci-fi flair, Cephalobot looks like he can shoot laser beams out of his eyes. Wait... He can't actually do that, right? Yes Ione and Pals' Island Prism Tee Space Console 7 9 15 4.4.2 October 28, 2021
Cesar Cesar Cesar Cesar PC.png Cesar's Pic PC Texture.png Cesar PC Villager Icon.png September 6 906 Virgo Male Cranky highness As soon as you can grow a mustache, do it. Gorilla A Tee Modern steel When it comes to looks, Cesar has it all. When it comes to scintillating conversation, he's got a little less. Yes Portia and Pals' Island A Tee Counter Table 7 9 15 5.0.1 February 26, 2022
Chabwick Chabwick Chabwick Chabwick PC.png Chabwick's Pic PC Texture.png Chabwick PC Villager Icon.png December 24 1,224 Capricorn Male Lazy blargh Live, laugh, lasagna. Penguin Nine-Ball Tee Natural Cotton Chabwick never gets cold...except for his ears. He'll wear a T-shirt in a snowstorm and eat a frozen treat when it's hailing, but he won't go anywhere without his earmuffs. Yes Faith and Pals' Island Nine-Ball Tee Shaved-Ice Maker 7 9 15 4.4.2c November 29, 2021
Chadder Chadder Chadder Chadder PC.png Chadder's Pic PC Texture.png Chadder PC Villager Icon.png December 15 1,215 Sagittarius Male Smug fromage Meeting is just the start of us saying good-bye. Mouse Tuxedo Modern Cotton According to Chadder, his parents meant to name him after their favorite cheese but got the vowels mixed up. He probably made that up to be funny, though. Yes Chadder and Pals' Island Tuxedo Cheese 7 9 15 2.1.0 January 30, 2019
Chai Chai Chai Chai PC.png Chai's Pic PC Texture.png Chai PC Villager Icon.png March 6 306 Pisces Female Peppy flap flap He who chases two rabbits catches none. Elephant Cinnamoroll Outfit Cute Steel Stepping into Chai's camper is like stepping into the world of Cinnamoroll. In short, it smells delicious in there. Yes Rilla and Pals' Island Cinnamoroll Outfit 7 9 15 2.5.0 July 11, 2019
Charlise Charlise Charlise Charlise PC.png Charlise's Pic PC Texture.png Charlise PC Villager Icon.png April 17 417 Aries Female Big sister urgh Actions speak louder than words. Bear Red Warm-up Suit Sporty Paper Charlise is someone you can always count on in a pinch. She'll have your back, on and off the field. 7 No Tin Watering Can Garden Tools Hose Reel Cable Spool Cornstalks Red Warm-up Suit Teppanyaki Grill 7 9 15 0.9.0 October 25, 2017
Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea PC.png Chelsea's Pic PC Texture.png Chelsea PC Villager Icon.png January 18 118 Capricorn Female Normal pound cake Always look a gift horse in the mouth. Deer My Melody Outfit Cute Steel Chelsea always brings the essentials when going on a camping trip: her collection of My Melody paraphernalia and a bowl of cookie dough. Yes Rilla and Pals' Island My Melody Outfit 7 9 15 2.5.1 July 22, 2019
Cheri Cheri Cheri Cheri PC.png Cheri's Pic PC Texture.png Cheri PC Villager Icon.png March 17 317 Pisces Female Peppy tralala Good things come in small packages. Bear cub Sunflower Tee Sporty Steel Cheri is as cheerful as she is determined. Almost to a scary degree. 7 No Round Mini Cactus Flower Pop Carpet (Basic) Fruit Basket Table with Cloth Cream Sofa Sunflower Tee Shower Stall 7 9 15 0.9.0 October 25, 2017
Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry PC.png Cherry's Pic PC Texture.png Cherry PC Villager Icon.png May 11 511 Taurus Female Big sister what what One dog barks at something; the rest bark at him. Dog Spiderweb Tee Cool Steel Cherry's fashion sense always makes her stand out. She's great to take to events with large crowds. You'll never lose each other! 3 No Sleek Lamp Bromeliaceae Sleek Sideboard Electric Guitar Simple Love Seat Spiderweb Tee Sports Car 7 9 10 0.9.0 October 25, 2017
Chester Chester Chester Chester PC.png Chester's Pic PC Texture.png Chester PC Villager Icon.png August 6 806 Leo Male Lazy rookie Sleep early. Wake late. Bear cub Yellow-Bar Tee Harmonious Steel Chester isn't the type to sweat the small stuff. Actually, I don't think he sweats anything at all. Yes Chester and Pals' Island Yellow-Bar Tee Exotic Bed 7 9 15 5.0.4 April 29, 2022
Chevre Chevre Chevre Chevre PC.png Chevre's Pic PC Texture.png Chevre PC Villager Icon.png March 6 306 Pisces Female Normal la baa If you're gonna dream, dream big. Goat Natty Tee Civic Cotton Chevre isn't quite the softy you'd expect. Her ambition has a way of rising to the surface and turning the simplest task into a tour de force! 5 No Office Phone Dracaena Reception Counter Small Magazine Rack Waiting-Room Bench Natty Tee Safe 7 9 15 2.2.0b March 17, 2019
Chief Chief Chief Chief PC.png Chief's Pic PC Texture.png Chief PC Villager Icon.png December 19 1,219 Sagittarius Male Cranky harrumph Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better. Wolf Red-Bar Tee Cool Steel He might seem abrasive and rude at first blush, but don't judge a wolf by his fur! Judge him by his teeth instead. Yes Beardo and Pals' Island Red-Bar Tee Toolbox 7 9 15 2.1.0 January 30, 2019
Chrissy Chrissy Chrissy Chrissy PC.png Chrissy's Pic PC Texture.png Chrissy PC Villager Icon.png August 28 828 Virgo Female Peppy sparkles A fool and her Bells are soon parted. Rabbit Lite Polka Tee Cute Wood Rowdy little Chrissy tends to be under her big sister's thumb. She's learned by now how to wriggle free to find someone to spoil her. 5 No Polka-Dot Lamp Polka-Dot Dresser Cup of Tea (Black) Polka-Dot Low Table Cream Sofa Lite Polka Tee Pancakes 7 9 15 0.9.0 October 25, 2017
Claude Claude Claude Claude PC.png Claude's Pic PC Texture.png Claude PC Villager Icon.png December 3 1,203 Sagittarius Male Lazy hopalong Don't judge a rabbit by its ears. Rabbit Dark Polka Tee Modern Wood People are always asking Claude if he's French. Maybe it's because of his name. Maybe it's because he's always eating cheese. Yes Felicity and Pals' Island Dark Polka Tee Pickle Jar 7 9 15 3.3.1b August 23, 2020
Claudia Claudia Claudia Claudia PC.png Claudia's Pic PC Texture.png Claudia PC Villager Icon.png November 22 1,122 Scorpio Female Snooty ooh la la A tiger can't change its stripes. Tiger Spring Shirt Elegant Preserves If you run afoul of her temper, don't worry. Her general easygoingness (and short attention span) make it no big deal. 7 No Glass Partition Zebra-Print Rug Perfume Bottles Minimalist Chair Modern Table (Gray) Spring Shirt Whirlpool Bath 7 9 15 1.8.0c September 25, 2018
Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo PC.png Cleo's Pic PC Texture.png Cleo PC Villager Icon.png February 9 209 Aquarius Female Snooty sugar There's something lovable in all of us. Horse Silk Bloom Tee Civic Steel Cleo is the very model of a successful businesswoman. She's already the CEO of three different companies. Where does she find the time? Yes Cleo and Pals' Island Silk Bloom Tee Computer Desk 7 9 15 3.0.0 November 24, 2019
Clyde Clyde Clyde Clyde PC.png Clyde's Pic PC Texture.png Clyde PC Villager Icon.png May 1 501 Taurus Male Lazy clip clawp The grass is always greener. Horse Bubble-Gum Tee Hip Steel Giving your opinion to Clyde is usually a waste of time. It's not that he doesn't care. It's just that he's too lazy to care. Yes Melba and Pals' Island Bubble-Gum Tee Washer/Dryer 7 9 15 5.1.1c August 28, 2022
Cobb Cobb Cobb Cobb PC.png Cobb's Pic PC Texture.png Cobb PC Villager Icon.png October 7 1,007 Libra Male Jock hot dog Might makes right. Pig Racer Tee Civic Cotton He projects the image of a bookworm, but honestly, those "glasses" of his are probably just swimming goggles. 7 No Florence Flask Complex Machine Lab Chair Medicine Chest Science Table Racer Tee Laboratory Capsule 7 9 15 1.6.0 August 28, 2018
Coco Coco Coco Coco PC.png Coco's Pic PC Texture.png Coco PC Villager Icon.png March 1 301 Pisces Female Normal doyoing Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Rabbit Dawn Tee Harmonious Wood She's very zen for a rabbit. There's nothing that jumps out at her as something she wants to change...except for her weird catchphrase. Maybe you can help! Yes Coco and Pals' Island Dawn Tee Ancient Statue 7 9 15 3.4.0 September 26, 2020
Cole Cole Cole Cole PC.png Cole's Pic PC Texture.png Cole PC Villager Icon.png August 10 810 Leo Male Lazy duuude Before version 3.3.0 coooooool Since version 3.3.0 Little pitchers have big ears. Rabbit Citrus Tee Modern Wood Cole doesn't seem to have any bigger ambitions than to live in a beach house and eat watermelon and ice cream. And now that I think about it, neither do I. Yes Tammy and Pals' Island Citrus Tee Rafflesia 7 9 15 3.0.0 November 24, 2019
Colton Colton Colton Colton PC.png Colton's Pic PC Texture.png Colton PC Villager Icon.png May 22 522 Gemini Male Smug check it Make hay while the sun shines. Horse Blue Ringmaster Coat Elegant Steel When Colton enters a room, all eyes turn to him. That could be because the first thing he says is usually, "Look at me! Look at me!" 5 No Single Rose Gorgeous Floor Regal Bed Regal Table Regal Sofa (Basic) Blue Ringmaster Coat Plate Armor 7 9 15 1.4.0 April 20, 2018
Cookie Cookie Cookie Cookie PC.png Cookie's Pic PC Texture.png Cookie PC Villager Icon.png June 18 618 Gemini Female Peppy arfer Don't lose sight of what you're really after. Dog Blue Tartan Tee Cute Steel The one thing you can say about Cookie is that she is relentlessly cheerful. Even when you're really not in the mood for it. Yes Cookie and Pals' Island Blue Tartan Tee Sweets Player 7 9 15 5.2.2 November 21, 2022
Cousteau Cousteau Cousteau Cousteau PC.png Cousteau's Pic PC Texture.png Cousteau PC Villager Icon.png December 17 1,217 Sagittarius Male Jock oui oui Jump first, ask questions later. Frog Rally Tee Harmonious Wood Cousteau may have a few years on him, but don't underestimate his strength. Unless, of course, you LIKE losing arm-wrestling competitions. Yes Chester and Pals' Island Rally Tee Exotic Bureau 7 9 15 5.0.4 April 29, 2022
Cranston Cranston Cranston Cranston PC.png Cranston's Pic PC Texture.png Cranston PC Villager Icon.png September 23 923 Libra Male Lazy sweatband Hard work beats talent. Ostrich Lotus Tee Harmonious Steel Cranston is extremely dedicated to the slacker life. He once spent weeks designing a device to keep him from having to walk to the fridge for a soda. Yes Genji and Pals' Island Lotus Tee Deer Scare 7 9 15 4.0.1 December 27, 2020
Cube Cube Cube Cube PC.png Cube's Pic PC Texture.png Cube PC Villager Icon.png January 29 129 Aquarius Male Lazy d-d-dude Before version 3.3.0 brainfreeze Since version 3.3.0 Sometimes you gotta learn to chill. Penguin Big-Dot Tee Hip Cotton What you see is what you get with Cube. Some may worry about him always getting lost in his own little world,'s one of the many things that make him special. 5 No Robo-Lamp Robo-Floor Robo-TV Robo-Table Robo-Chair Big-Dot Tee Wind Turbine 7 9 10 1.6.0 July 27, 2018
Curly Curly Curly Curly PC.png Curly's Pic PC Texture.png Curly PC Villager Icon.png July 26 726 Leo Male Jock nyoink Get fired up! Pig Green-Bar Tee Natural Cotton Curly heard some women talking about how good he looked, and it made his week. What he didn't know was that they were talking about their new perms. Yes Coco and Pals' Island Green-Bar Tee Piggy Bank 7 9 15 3.4.0 September 26, 2020
Curt Curt Curt Curt PC.png Curt's Pic PC Texture.png Curt PC Villager Icon.png July 1 701 Cancer Male Cranky fuzzball A Bell saved is a Bell earned! Bear MVP Tee Harmonious Paper You better mind your manners around Curt. It doesn't matter if you're young or old—be rude around this guy, and you're in store for one doozy of a lecture. 3 No Zen Cushion Giant Dharma Tatami Rug Large Tea Table Retro TV MVP Tee Samurai Suit 7 9 10 1.2.2 March 7, 2018
Cyd Cyd Cyd Cyd PC.png Cyd's Pic PC Texture.png Cyd PC Villager Icon.png June 9 609 Gemini Male Cranky rockin' Do what you want, but do it loud! Elephant Dragon Jacket Cool Steel On an average day, you can find Cyd posted up in his bedroom, rocking out to his favorite music. He loves to crank up the volume, but he's also mindful of his neighbors. Yes Raymond and Pals' Island Dragon Jacket Sleek Bed 7 9 15 3.1.2b March 20, 2020
Cyrano Cyrano Cyrano Cyrano PC.png Cyrano's Pic PC Texture.png Cyrano PC Villager Icon.png March 9 309 Pisces Male Cranky ah-CHOO Don't punch your nose to spite your face. Anteater Dawn Tee Harmonious Steel Behind that gutsy, determined, and grumpy visage lies a gutsy, determined, and grumpy personality. You got a problem with that? Yes Benedict and Pals' Island Dawn Tee Tea Tansu 7 9 15 4.0.0 November 24, 2020
Daisy Daisy Daisy Daisy PC.png Daisy's Pic PC Texture.png Daisy PC Villager Icon.png November 16 1,116 Scorpio Female Normal bow-WOW It's not always a dog-eat-dog world. Dog Kiddie Tee Natural Steel Daisy is happiest when she's surrounded by a stack of books. And since she never judges a book by its cover, she's going to be reading every single one. Yes Daisy and Pals' Island Kiddie Tee Stack of Books 7 9 15 3.2.0 April 24, 2020
Del Del Del Del PC.png Del's Pic PC Texture.png Del PC Villager Icon.png May 27 527 Gemini Male Cranky gronk The hero is brave in deeds as well as words. Alligator Blue-Stripe Tee Historical Wood When Del goes shopping, he often gets distracted by the first thing he lays eyes on, completely forgetting about the thing he went out to buy in the first place. Yes Del and Pals' Island Blue-Stripe Tee Bottled Ship 7 9 15 4.4.0 August 26, 2021
Deli Deli Deli Deli PC.png Deli's Pic PC Texture.png Deli PC Villager Icon.png May 24 524 Gemini Male Lazy monch Righty tighty, lefty loosey. Monkey Blue Diamond Tee Civic Steel A true gourmet. He's sung ballads of salads, written sonnets to omelets, and has his odes a la mode. Yes T-Bone and Pals' Island Blue Diamond Tee Curry Plate 7 9 15 5.2.2 November 22, 2022
Derwin Derwin Derwin Derwin PC.png Derwin's Pic PC Texture.png Derwin PC Villager Icon.png May 25 525 Gemini Male Lazy derrrrr Everything in moderation. Except for snacks. Duck Yellow-Bar Tee Civic Steel Derwin tries hard to act like an adult, but everyone still treats him like a kid. Is it his fault that he believes adults should nap and eat all the time, without a care in the world? Yes Peck and Pals' Island Yellow-Bar Tee Cubbyhole 7 9 15 5.2.0 September 29, 2022
Diana Diana Diana Diana PC.png Diana's Pic PC Texture.png Diana PC Villager Icon.png January 4 104 Capricorn Female Snooty no doy Sometimes you have to lose to win. Deer Natty Tee Elegant Steel With those cool, appraising eyes and calm, well-spoken demeanor, Diana is every inch the sophisticated lady. 5 No Towel Basket Hanging Chair Standing Sink Claw-Foot Tub Regal Dresser Natty Tee Jewelry Case 7 9 15 2.0.2 December 17, 2018
Diva Diva Diva Diva PC.png Diva's Pic PC Texture.png Diva PC Villager Icon.png October 2 1,002 Libra Female Big sister ya know Eyes are the windows to the soul. Frog Amethyst Tank Elegant Wood It's hard to fluster someone like Diva. Likely you could go as far as to wear a pair of pants on your head, and she wouldn't blink an eye. 7 No Rococo Chair Tribal Mask Desk Mirror Creepy Crystal Rococo Wardrobe Amethyst Tank Magic Circle Rug 7 9 15 1.9.0 October 16, 2018