Lazy/Animal Crossing Dialogue

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First ever meeting[edit]

  • "Yaaawn. I'm not really a morning person. You seem peppy, though! Oh, I'm just babbling. Don't mind me--no one ever does. Have we met before, <catchphrase>? I'm <name>. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around."
  • "Oh, good morning. Do we know each other, <catchphrase>? 'Cause if we do, I'm in a daze... We don't? Cool. Good to know the old noggins working ok. My name's <name>. How about yourself? Oh really? So you're <player>, huh? That's a cool name, <catchphrase>. If I do say so. And I do, so listen you seem alright. Feel free to drop by my place anytime you feel lke hanging, <player>.


  • "You know, <player>, you've got one unusual name, <catchphrase>! I mean, it's just plain unusual. Heh heh heh heh heh. I've been thinking about that since early yesterday, <catchphrase>. Yep. That doesn't make me some kind of freak, does it?"
  • "Morning, <catchphrase>."
  • "Hey, how's the evening been going, <catchphrase>?"
  • "(At home) My pad is pretty darned cool, huh, <catchphrase>? Yeah. Cooooooooooooool."
  • "(At home) So, how is it, huh? How does it feel to walk on the carpet of champions, <catchphrase>?"
  • "(After a long time away) Huh? Whozat? Whoa! <player>! I haven't seen you in a while, huh? Were you lost in thought or something, <catchphrase>?"
    • (Followed by this) "So, what do you need, <catchphrase>?"
    • (Followed by this) "Yeah, so, what did you need me for, <catchphrase>?"

No work[edit]

  • "Um, just a sec... Yep, I've got nothing. I'll catch you later, <catchphrase>."
  • "I just had something... Wait a minute... No, I guess not. Sorry about that, <catchphrase>."
  • "Awww! If only you'd gotten here sooner! I did have something, but now, I don't, <catchphrase>!"


  • "It's pretty cool having a lot of friends living in the same town as you, isn't it? Yeah, sending one another letters, leaving messages for each other on the bulletin board... Good times. It's definitely more fun than having no friends around, <catchphrase>! No question about that, no sirree! Hey, speaking of which, you should invite some pals to come live in the houses near yours, <player>. I don't know...friends from school, your sister or brother...even your mom or dad! The more, the merrier! We love people 'round here! It'll be much more fun for everybody if we have more folks here, <catchphrase>! I mean, speaking personally, it'd be ultra-mellow if there were more people to talk to. More girls, <catchphrase>!"
  • "Hey, you know about the town melody bulletin board over by the post office? That's where you can go to change the town tune. Anyone can do it. That's why it's always changing, probably. I hear that song all the time, like when the clock chimes. It's <town>'s own way of rocking out! <player>, you oughta try changing it around, too, <catchphrase>. You look like a musical soul."
  • "The weather forecast was right, <catchphrase>! What a nice day. I wonder how they know! I bet it's just a lucky guess! Do you think that's all it is?"
    • "(No! No! No!) Whatever! All I know is, it was totally MY lucky day!"
  • "You know those turnips that Joan sells? Well, it turns out they go bad after only one week! And once they've gone bad, no one will buy them, <catchphrase>. In my case, they never even last a week! I eat 'em before I can even sell 'em!"
  • "Oh, <player>. Your rooftop was getting dirty, so I painted it for you, <catchphrase>! Let's see... I'm trying to remember what color I used... I hope you don't think I'm a killjoy, but I painted your roof <color>, <catchphrase>! That's your favorite color, right, <catchphrase>? Oh, it's not your favorite? Oh well! I'm sure you'll grow to love it!"


  • "I don't feel like talking right now. Please, just leave me alone, <catchphrase>."


  • "You're already done? So what do you want me to do?"
    • "(Save & Quit) Aw, I knew it. That means I have to save your town data. Hang on."
      • "(Followed by this) Finally! I'm all done. OK. Be seeing you!"