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This module is used to display the link of a medium in the Animal Crossing series in various different ways. These are then transcluded through link templates, where the editor can switch how they display the link under different conditions.

While it can be used inside other Lua modules if require("Module:MediumLink") is added, it is recommended to use through standard templates as is. Note that {{SSB4}} uses the Module:SSB4Link instead of this module.

Creating a new medium link

{{#invoke:MediumLink|main|medium=<medium>|link=<link (OPTIONAL)>|short=<short>|shorter=<shorter (OPTIONAL)>|shortest=<shortest (OPTIONAL)>|<mode1>|<mode2>|<mode3>}}
outputMediumLink(medium, link, short, shorter, shortest, mode1, mode2, mode3)

When creating a new medium link to be used on pages, the following syntax is provided.

  • medium is the name of the medium (e.g. Animal Crossing: New Horizons)
  • link is used to provide the direct link to the medium.
  • short is the name of the medium under a shorthand name (e.g. New Horizons)
  • shorter is the name of the medium under a long acronym name (e.g. ACNH)
  • shortest is the name of the medium under a short acronym name (e.g. NH)
  • mode1, mode2, and mode3 should be reversed for the editors to decide what conditions to use to display the link.

If Gekijōban Doubutsu no Mori is declared as the medium, then linkindicator is automatically declared with "🎬 " and appended to the medium name if nolink is not declared.

Note that while shorter and shortest are optional, if they are not declared and the editor tries to declare shorter or shortest, an error will pop up, describing that they are either using invalid parameters or that the parameters needed to generate the link is empty. See Category:Pages with incorrect usage of link template for a list of pages with this error.


{{#invoke:MediumLink|main|medium=Animal Crossing: New Horizons|short=New Horizons|shorter=ACNH|shortest=NH|{{{1|}}}|{{{2|}}}|{{{3|}}}}}
outputMediumLink("Animal Crossing: New Horizons", , "New Horizons", "ACNH", "NH", mode1, mode2, mode3)

"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is the medium, with "New Horizons" as short, "ACNH" as shorter and "NH" as shortest. Since link is not declared, the default link is "Animal Crossing: New Horizons".

When mode1 is "nolink" and mode2 is "short", the output is: New Horizons

When mode1 is "sm" and mode2 is "shortest", the output is: NH