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Went through a lot and back, but much better than before.

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Hello, I'm Seishi! Dom and list-making enthusiast!

Sometimes I might be a bit stubborn but I'm also a fast learner! Or I try to be so. I learn better putting things to practice rather than being told how to do them.

I have some experience as a programmer, having learned HTML, some JavaScript, Python, and started first learning to program in VisualBasic. I find writing code to be relaxing and a nice pastime, though my real passion is building and fixing computers (since I can't code complex things...). I want to build a robot in the future!

Currently stuck studying an I.T. career that "thanks" to the pandemic is taking longer than expected...

Also, I'm keeping real pill bugs as pets.

About Dom in Doubutsu no Mori e+

PG Hacked Villager Dom.png

I made him using Cuyler's tools and used his Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp textures as a starting reference before changing them many times and re-doing them from scratch. His huge eyes were really hard to adjust to the small face of the sheep model, but with lots of patience, this was the end result.

He's pretty cute in-game, yet every so and then I have to edit him again because the eyes combined with the mouth often don't look well.

In game, I insisted to him till we became best friends and, whenever he's in a good mood or first in the morning, he waves at me with his hoof up and calls out to me with a smile. We went through a hard time once because he wanted to move and he got angry at me because I forbid him to go away. It's impressive how characters react in this game.

My first favorite villagers ever were Bill and Cyrano, after playing Wild World and feeling more involved with the villagers for the first time in an Animal Crossing game. Dom started being my "best friend" after I tried Pocket Camp for a year and a half, before the update that locked every phone out of the game. I had a lot of fun with him, we even shared the sparklers during New Year...

Yet even having now a new phone that meets their requirements I still can't reunite with my PC's Dom! But at least I know why the game won't work on my end.

And my Doubutsu no Mori e+'s Dom will live for as long as I live.



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