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Animal Crossing Games[edit]

I'm a big fan of all of the Animal Crossing Games, my favourite one is Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I have played two Animal Crossing games both similar to each other, they are Animal Crossing: Wild World & EU - Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City or NA - Animal Crossing: City Folk.

About old Wild World town: Anywhere - WW Town 1/2[edit]

I used to play Animal Crossing: Wild World for the Nintendo DS, until I and other people got upset about Resetti being harsh to people. Deena was my favourite villager for the game, she's been here since I first started the game which was March 2015 to when I last played the game which was July 27th 2015. My store was Nookingtons which was the final expansion I had. My house had the main floor completed & the 1st expansion of the 1st floor. Animal Crossing: Wild World was my 3rd favourite Animal Crossing game. Since the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for the DS & Wii was banned on the 20th May 2014, I had to do Local Play to get Nookington's.

About another Wild World town: Glos - WW Town 2/2[edit]

This is my other town Glos (short for Gloucester)!! Now I haven't reset once in this Wild World town, like my Let's Go To The City town. Now one of my villagers moved to this town, which is Rowan from my Anywhere↑↑ town. My store is Nookway, which is the 3/4 expansion in the first six Animal Crossing Games. My main floor, I don't think it's fully expanded. However, I don't know why I stopped playing this game...

Animal Crossing series Music - PG, WW, CF & NL[edit]

5am - Animal Crossing: Wild World & City Folk + Animal Crossing: City Folk Music playlist by another YouTuber, Link:

Animal Crossing: Wild World & City Folk Hourly Music, Link:

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