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Kicks NH Character Icon.png This user is a fan of Kicks.
Rio NH Villager Icon.png This user's favorite villager is Rio.
NonbinaryFlag.png This user is nonbinary and uses They/Them pronouns
Autistic pride symbol.png This user is autistic. They might have trouble understanding tone and may ask for occasional clarification
Farewell NH Texture.png This user’s favorite K.K. Slider song is Farewell
Snail NH Icon.png This user’s favorite bug is the Snail
Coelacanth NH Icon.png This user’s favorite fish is the Coelacanth
Horseshoe Crab NH Icon.png This user’s favorite sea creature is the Horseshoe Crab

Hello, I am a new user as of February 28th 2022. I mainly browse and edit when i see errors rather than seeking out for purposes of maintenance.