Exercise Card (Animal Crossing)

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Type of other item Exercise Card Exercise Card PG Inv Icon.png
Exercise Card
Buy price Sell price
Not for sale Cannot be sold
Obtain via  Tortimer (morning aerobics)
Name in other languages
 carte de gym
 ficha de aerobic
 scheda esercizi

The Exercise Card is an item in Animal Crossing. It is used during the morning aerobics; Tortimer will stamp the card each day the player attends, and after fourteen days of attendance he will give them the Aerobics Radio. The card is valid for one season only, and keeping a card until the next calendar year will result in Tortimer disposing of it, commenting that it had expired.

The Exercise Card can be obtained from Tortimer the first day the player attends the morning aerobics. The card can be thrown away without any detrimental effect, as Tortimer will replace it along with any stamps the player received. The Exercise Card cannot be sold.