Morning aerobics

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Morning aerobics
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July 25thAugust 31st
Time 6 AM – 7 AM
Host Copper
Visitors Tortimer
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Morning aerobics are a daily fitness event in Animal Crossing that take place at the Wishing Well from July 25 to August 31. Morning aerobics will not occur if it the weather is rainy, or if the save file is loaded on or after 6:55 AM.


Each morning, Copper will conduct morning aerobics at the Wishing Well with four other villagers. After receiving an Exercise Card from Tortimer during the event, the player can start accumulating stamps by speaking with him on subsequent days. If a player gets the card stamped at fourteen morning aerobics sessions, Tortimer will reward them with an Aerobics Radio, which enables the player to perform the exercises at home.

Exercise controls[edit]

All exercises use the C Stick.

Exercise Controls
Straighten Your Back Down, then up
Roll Your Arms Rotate upper semicircle
Straighten Your Side Hold up and left or up and right
Twist Your Body Hold left or hold right
Throw Out Your Chest Hold down and left or hold down and right
Rotate Your Body Full rotation
Leap Hold up
Practice Deep Breathing Press down, then up