What was this again? (planner) (New Horizons)

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What was this again? (planner)
Buy price Sell price
Not for sale Cannot be sold
Obtain via Lost item (don't return it in time)
Stack 1
Names in other languages
 C'est quoi, déjà ?
 ¿Esto qué era?
 Aspetta, cos'era questo?
 Что это такое?
 C'est quoi, déjà?
 ¿Qué era esto?
 Was war das...?
 Wat was dit ook alweer?

What was this again? is an item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and is considered one of the various trash items alongside the boot, empty can, old tire, and used fountain firework, and other lost items. As a trash item, it is penalized by the Happy Home Academy if inside a house.

What was this again? can be obtained by failing to return the lost planner item to the villager in time when it is first found as a lost item. This item cannot be sold.

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