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This article is about player-placed sign boards. For permanent signposts where villager houses appear, see Signpost.
A player near a sign displaying Resetti's Wrath, a design obtainable via the e-Reader.

Sign boards are items in Animal Crossing; they can be bought from Nookway or Nookington's for 500 Bells. Players can place them in any available space in town, similar to planting a flower or tree. Once dropped, players can walk up to them and place their designs onto them - or change them, if they so please. Signs can be removed with the "B" button; doing so will put a blank design on the board. Players cannot place them on the Island or in other players' towns. Strangely, signboards can be "stolen" from other players' towns, but they're locked to being edited only by the inhabitants of the town.

In New Leaf[edit]

There is a similar item in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Custom-design Sign. It is a public works project that costs 40,000 Bells and the player is able to customize it by putting on their own design.

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