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Aliases: Cat, Caterfree, Sylph of Space
Edit Count 76 (65 in mainspace)
Gender Female
Service Info gathering, possible article cleanup
Appearances Tumblr, Facebook, and other less used used websites.

Hello, I'm Caterfree10 or, as my New Leaf game states, Cat. I'm new to Animal Crossing and have a passing knowledge of how wikis work. With any luck, I will help out as much as I can here and try to make it a better wiki for everyone. List of New Leaf fish, here I come! o7

To-do List

  • Finish List of New Leaf fish chart Done!
  • Add New Leaf museum entries to pages as I donate items to the museum
  • Update hybridization chart with info from bidoofcrossing
  • Add NL info to fossil pages
  • uhhhh idk, I'll come up with more at some point. :|b