Pumpkin start (New Horizons)

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Pumpkin start
Buy price Sell price
 280 Bells  70 Bells
Obtain via  Leif
 Nook's Cranny (October)
Stack 10
Names in other languages
 pousse de citrouille
 calabaza de vivero
 piantina di zucca
 побег тыквы
 호박 모종
 pousse de citrouille
 calabaza de vivero

Pumpkin starts are an item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced in the 1.5.0 Fall Update. It is used to cultivate pumpkin plants, which are then randomized into either ripe orange-pumpkin plant, ripe yellow-pumpkin plant, ripe green-pumpkin plant, or ripe white-pumpkin plant.

Pumpkin starts can be obtained from Leif year-round or Nook's Cranny during October for  280 Bells. Until 1.6.0, Leif would only sell pumpkin starts during the month of October and at a discounted price of  140 Bells.