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The following is a list of dialogue said by Mr. Resetti after the player resets in Animal Crossing.

First reset[edit]

"Hello. Um...allow me to introduce myself. The name's Resetti. Mr. Resetti. Have we...met before? At office, perhaps? Yeah, whatever. Anyway, let me just say thanks for buying this game, Animal Crossing. Um...on behalf of everyone at Nintendo, What was the next part? Huh? Aw, forget it! That's enough!
Let's get down to business, whaddaya say? Because you may not know it, but you and I got issues to discuss. First, let me just tell you what it is I'm doin' here. Just so there are no misunderstandings later on. You, my friend, reset your game, didn't you? Huh? Maybe by accident, maybe on purpose, but you pressed it. Or maybe you didn't, huh? Maybe you just went and turned the power off without saving. Sound familiar? What? Sorry, what was that? I didn't catch that last bit. Did you just say I'm right? You did what I said you did?
All right, you listen and listen good, 'cause I get real angry when I gotta repeat stuff I gotta say. Resetting... It's like...pressing an emergency call button. You press it and I gotta come read you the riot act. See? Also, you gotta SAVE before you turn the power off. If you don't save, it's the same as resetting. Well, OK... That last part? I just added that. Why? Because I wanted to.
Forget about other games for a minute, will ya? I'm here to suggest that you try and play THIS game, Animal Crossing, without hitting RESET. Got it? I know what you're thinking: "Whether I hit RESET or not should be up to me. After all, it's MY Nintendo GameCube!" Well, sorry. Rules are rules, OK? Know what I'm sayin'? Let's not make a big deal out of this. End of discussion. This bein' our first meeting, I'm gonna let you off easy. Think of this as a friendly warning from me to you. Oh, one more thing. This is my job. I take it seriously. So next time you see me, it's no more Mr. Nice Mole.
Oh, yeah, and another thing I guess I gotta say here... I really watched my... today. I'm not usually quite so... you know, so polite. If I'm bein' truthful here, I gotta tell you... I been told I got what you call an acid tongue. I sorta...scare people. Hey, that's...who I am. Nothin' I can do about it. What, I'm supposed to say sorry for bein' me? Look, it's nothin' personal. I ain't tryin' to be mean or cruel or nothin'. I ain't a monster. For those people who get their feelin's bruised easily, I gotta apologize in advance. Just deal with it, OK? The deal is, I get paid to be nasty. Crazy world, huh? Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Well, I figure it's about time for me to get outta here. So, uh... Yeah. Here's hoping I don't have to come see you no more. Now...

Second reset[edit]

"Oh, here we go. You again, huh? I shoulda known... I had a feeling about you. After all, wanting to do what you're told NOT to do is HUMAN nature.
Listen, you get this whole reset thing started, and you'll NEVER stop. I seen it a million times. You think this is a game? Well, is a game. But games got rules, and rules got consequences. Somethin' funny to you? What am I doin' over here, stand-up? You see an APPLAUSE sign up in here?
Look, don't make me come back here again. I'm serious. It ain't like I enjoy these little field trips.
Next time you see me, I'm gonna be wearing my angry hat. And lemme tell you, it's one ugly hat. Trust me on this one. When I get my motor goin', you'll be here a while. Don't reset again! Now...

Third reset[edit]

So where you goin'? Huh? Lemme ask you something. What did you just do? Yeah, I'm talkin' to you! What do I mean? What do I mean? You trying to be funny? Resetting! I'm talkin' about you resetting the game! Listen to me, <Player>. You think you can fool me? You're foolin' yourself. It ain't gonna happen. See, it's like this, all right? Whenever you reset, there's this light in the Reset Center that starts flashin'... It's so bright it hurts my brain!
Now, don't get me wrong. I understand that you PEOPLE make mistakes. It's genetic or somethin'. Who knows? Maybe your finger slipped. I don't know and I don't care. What I DO want is for you to do me a favor. Yeah, do me a favor and answer this one question. Pray tell, is there a RESET Button in your world? There isn't, is there?
Of course not. That would be stupid. Not being able to do things over again? That's...called life, and you best get used to it.
What? What was that? "It's just a game"? "Don't make such a big deal out of it"? THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! Your attitude! It STINKS! "It's just a game. Waaah!" What is that? I'll tell you what it is. It's pathetic. You oughta be ashamed.
Huh? What's that? Speak up, you reset-happy cheater! You tellin' me you never said that at all? Hmph. All right. Maybe I had some dirt in my ears. Forget about it. Let's move on. Lemme just give you some examples of what I'm talkin' about, OK? And make sure you PAY ATTENTION! Resetting over and over just to find an item or to erase an unfortunate incident...? Sound familiar? <Player>, this is just the kind of juvenile and disgustin' style of gameplay that we want you to avoid.
Where's the satisfaction in cheatin' through life? Take everythin' as it comes. In its own time. Enjoy it all. That's noble. That's graceful. And it's a whole lot easier to do in this game than it is in real life, lemme tell you!
I bet you're askin' yourself, "How much longer is this guy gonna go on?" You are, aren't you? Huh? Ahhh, whatever. Attention span of a flea, that's what you got. All this jawin' tired me out anyway. I'm gonna let you go, for now, anyway. BUT you gotta promise me: no more. I'm serious here. Resetting is completely OFF-LIMITS!
Oh, yeah, and one last thing: Take a bath! You got it? Now...

Fourth reset[edit]

The dialogue starts when the player first moves.

"Hey, you! Hold up a minute! Who? You! You you YOU!!! Don't pretend you don't know who I'm talkin' to, <Player>! You ain't foolin' nobody! Get your tail over here!"

If the player attempts to leave the house acre:

"Hey! HEY!!! Where do you think you're goin', you little twerp? I SAID get over here!"

If the player tries to open their inventory, talk to their Gyroid, or read the bulletin board:

"Unbelievable! What are you doing? Don't MAKE me chase you!"

When the player approaches Resetti:

"You're a real piece of work, you know that? You think I was Blathers or the mayor or somethin'? When I call you, I expect you to move. And I mean MOVE! ...Um, what was that? That look you just gave me. What, may I ask, was that? Are you testin' me? You don't wanna do that! I'm warnin' you! You'll rue the day you moved here! And don't gimme that crybaby what-did-I-do? look either! It ain't gonna fly!!! Not with THIS mole!!! RESET RESET RESET! You just had to do it again, didn't you? After all the kindness I been showin' you... You go and stab me in the back. What would your mother say?
HEY! You were gonna go and do it again, weren't you? Just now! Your finger was creepin' over to reset! STOP! Just give it a rest, will ya? That's not gonna help you outta this jam. I'll just keep comin' back!
And stop wigglin' around like you gotta go potty! You're drivin' me nuts! Just stand there and listen!
I'm wastin' my breath here, ain't I? I mean, look at you. You... You just don't listen.
Is there somethin' about this you maybe don't understand? Or is it just that you don't care at all? Is that it? Listen, <Player>. I COULD stop and leave it to you how to play. But where would that get us? Nowhere.
How 'bout playin' a fantasy without any epic battles, no fightin' against the odds to save some magical realm? Wouldn't it be nice to just lay down your sword, pick a few pretty daisies, and just be...nice? See my point? That ain't life. And this ain't a fantasy. I'm just askin' that you enjoy life here, and all of its... ...Hey... Look at me when I'm talkin' to you! If you hadn't reset in the first place... wouldn't be here getting your tail chewed off! OK, you ain't got a tail, but it's still your own fault!
Whew... You know, comin' out here's no picnic for me, either. It really wears a mole out. You think I'm jokin'?
Look at that tunnel, will ya? I have to dig one of those each and every time you reset! I'm only one mole!
So how about you and I stop wastin' each other's time? Whaddaya say? NO MORE RESETTING! All right? We got an understanding?"

The player can choose either "No way!" or "Got it!".

If the player chooses "No way!", one of the following three dialogues are said:

"WHAT?!? AARGH!!! You mockin' me? If that's how you wanna be, then you just earned yourself the chance to hear me again from the beginnin'! Yeah, you ain't laughin' now! You don't like that idea all that much, do ya, twerp? Well, I don't like it either!"
"Hmmm... What do I gotta do to get it through your thick skull? Don't you ever listen to what I'm tellin' you here? Be honest, you wanna get this over with and get back to the game, now, don't you? Am I right?"
"Huh? What was that? I don't think I heard you right just now. I'm gonna ask you again."

The dialog option appears again.

When the player chooses "Got it!":

"Well, all right, then! As long as we're square, I'm satisfied. BUT, this is the last time! So help me, if I gotta do this just one more time, there's gonna be bad trouble.
Oh, and before I forget, there's one last thing: Your hair! Wash it!!! We clear? Now...

Sixth reset[edit]

Mr. Resetti does not appear for the fifth reset, with Don Resetti appearing in his place. For the sixth reset, the dialogue starts when the player attempts to leave the house acre:

"Graahh!! Think you're gettin' away with that? You got another think comin'!!! Stop resetting! Hear me? What don't you get???
...Haah... ...Hoo...Phew... All that screamin' at you... everythin' went all black... You see what you're doin' to me? To my health? Huh? You know, you're the only one who pushes it this far. The only one who fails to understand. ONLY YOU!
You listenin' to me? 'Cause it looks to me like I gotta go through this whole song and dance again. When the Reset Alarm sounds, somebody's gotta just drop everythin' and investigate. And that somebody's ME! Yeah. I know. It's my job, and I gotta deal with it. I ain't lookin' for sympathy! But for cryin' out loud... It don't matter if I'm eatin', takin' a hot mud bath, readin' Mole Monthly, or catchin' some z's... When that alarm goes off, I gotta stop what I'm doin' and start diggin' like it was National Diggin' Day! I know you can't see it from up there, but I'm only wearin' one sock! One! Who lives like this? This job ain't glamorous, lemme tell ya.
...Hey... You laughin' at me? You CAN'T be laughin' at me! I swear, just now your nose... it twitched! Yeah! I saw it! Your ugly little pug nose! It was twitchin' like mad! OK. That's how you want it? All right. I see how it is. The chickens are comin' home to roost now, ain't they? If that's how you wanna play, then that's how we'll play. You know, I can see you forgettin' yourself and resettin' once...maybe twice. It could happen, I guess. But this time? No two ways about it! It was deliberate! A calculated, cold-blooded act of villainy by a punk! No more forgive-and-forget Resetti for you, pal. Oh, no. Until you show me some real regret, I ain't leavin'!
All right...what to do? They don't exactly cover hoodlums like you in the reset-prevention manual. Askin' "You got that?" ain't workin'. All that gets me is lip service, and we both know what that's worth. Hmmm... Got it! Yeah. That's good. OK, listen up, troublemaker. Here's what we're gonna do. No more of your worthless, I'm-sorry-Mr.-Resetti garbage. Now you're gonna have to say EXACTLY what I tell you to! You screw it up, you do it again! Let's see... Yeah, that'll work.
You ready? Here goes... Say "<Phrase>"!"

A text input window appears.

If the player types something other than what Resetti said and didn’t type one of the hidden phrases:

"Wrong! Nope! No way, twerp! Do it over! Try again!"

The text input window appears again.

If the player types one of the following hidden phrases:

  • "no"
  • "NO!"
  • "jerk"
  • "Die!"
  • "Loser"
  • "RESET"
  • "Freak"
  • "Creep"
  • "no way"
  • "Leave!"
  • "No way!"
  • "shut up"
  • "go away"
  • "Pinhead"
  • "Dirtbag"
  • "Scumbag"
  • "Shut up!"
  • "Go away!"
  • "butthead"
  • "Bite me!"
  • "U R ugly"
  • "groundhog"
  • "You stink"
  • "I ♥ reset"
  • "You suck!"
  • "I hate you"
  • "Moles suck"
  • "Who cares?"
"Wh-what?!?! Gwaah!!! You little hairball!!! You think I wasn't gonna read what you wrote there? You oughta be ashamed of yourself! You worm! You keep on like this, we're gonna be here for a long, LONG time. You readin' me? Now stop monkeyin' around, and do as you're told, <Player>!"

The text input window appears again.

When the player types the phrase Resetti told them to type:

  • "I'm sorry"
  • "Forgive me"
  • "I cheated"
  • "I'll stop
  • "I was bad"
  • "Moles rule"
  • "Me = bad"
  • "I repent"
  • "I ♥ moles."
  • "Yes, boss!"
  • "U R my ☀!"
  • "I stink"
  • "I like you"
  • "Reset = 💀"
  • "I♥Resetti"
  • "I dig you!"
"You're bein' sincere, right? You really, truly, no-joke, cross-your-heart-hope-to-die mean it? Well? Do ya? Punk? That thing you just said? Don't forget it! Well, all right then! As long as you and I are clear on that, I'm one happy, snappy mole. But, for the love of dirt, no more! It stops here! Oh, yeah, one last thing. Before you go to bed? Brush those teeth, will ya? Understood? Now...

Seventh reset[edit]

"Graaah!!! You again! Stop jerkin' my chain!!! What's it gonna take to make you stop?
All right, <Player>! That's it! Today's the day. I'm done! No more takin' it easy on the poor human. See, I understand you now. It took a while, but I finally see what makes you tick. Allow me to...elaborate, huh? The whole RESET thing? It's your decision, right? Yeah, freedom of choice, and all that. You're the master of your own destiny, and blah blah blah blah. That's all fine with me. I'm just tired of the drama. You wanna hit RESET, right? You love doing that, huh? That's what you really wanna do? Well, if that's what you're really lookin' for, lemme help you out. Yeah, no problem! I'll hit RESET for you. Everythin' you've done so far? All that you've worked for? Forget about it. That's right. It's all going bye-bye. You, my button-happy friend, get to start over.
Well, see ya!"

The screen briefly turns black as though the console is being reset, before returning to normal.

"Gotcha! How you like them apples? Did we break our controller? Did we, maybe, kick our TV? Gah ha ha ha ha! I got your attention now, Player? Huh? Did I knock a little sense into you? All the lights on up there? You keep goin' this way, and bad things may happen. You don't wanna make me any angrier. Do you?
Anyway, no more bein' stupid! Stop with the reset business! All right? Are we clear?"

The player can choose either "No way!" or "Got it!".

If the player chooses "No way!", one of the following three dialogues are said:

"What? Graahh! You wisin' off? You wanna play like that, and I'll reset the whole mess! Everything...POOF! Gone! Don't think I won't! Is that what you want? Huh? That make you happy? No, I didn't THINK so! Too much work for me, too!"
"Graaaa... What's it gonna take to get you to understand this? You need a reset tutor or something like that? C'mon! I got some clothes in the wash! I gotta get back. If I don't get 'em out quick, and get 'em hung up to dry, they're gonna be wrinkled up worse than old Tortimer! Plus, they'll reek of mold! And then I'll have to come back here and mold YOU!"
"Huh? What was that? I don't think I coulda heard you correctly. I'm gonna ask you again."

The dialog option appears again.

When the player chooses "Got it!":

"That's what I wanna hear! As long as we've got an understanding, we can wrap this up and put it to bed. But I'm not even jokin' about this. No more of this funny business, you hear me? Oh, yeah, one last thing... Before you tuck yourself into bed later tonight? Scrub behind those ears! You got potatoes growin'! Got that?!? Now...

Eighth reset[edit]

"Graaahh!!! <Player>!
blue in the face... ...and you still don't get it!!! What's wrong with you?!?
That means YOU!!! Don't give me any lip! You're the one causin' all the problems... ...Hey!! You're doing it again! Hey! You! Idiot! I thought I made it clear I want you to LOOK at me when I'm talkin' to you! I said look at ME, <Player>! Now!"

The camera shifts to a first-person perspective from the player's point of view.

"Whoa! ......I never noticed before, but you got some nice eyes. Yeah, real hypnotic...
Lemme tell you something, <Player>. This ain't about you personally, but more about the world in general. People see somethin' they don't wanna see, and for whatever reason, they pretend they don't see nothin'. People see a problem they don't wanna deal with, and they pretend they're too busy to be bothered. This...sort of tendency... is spreadin' like a disease. It's real tragic to say, but that's the world we live in.
Don't that seem sorta... all messed up to you? I mean, closin' your eyes, hopin' that all the bad stuff is just gonna go away and not bother you no more? That's...that's what babies do. You hearin' me? Infants. You see what I... Huh? Hey! HEY! Player! Wake up! I'm talkin' over here! This is some serious stuff! You got no manners at all, you thumb-suckin' twerp!!!
Graaahhh!!! That's it! It's go time! This mole's had ENOUGH! Time to pay the piper! My patience gauge is now officially on EMPTY!!! And the anger gauge is WAY in the red zone! You and your smug little devil-may-care attitude... I'm gonna tunnel through your HOUSE! Hi-YAAAAA!
YOWWW! Urk! Massive...leg...cramp...... Blood pressure...skyrocketing... Phew... I'm not supposed to get so worked up, you know. My doctor, she warned me about this kinda stuff... Well! That's it! No more! I'm done for today. I'm goin' home. Tryin' to keep you in check is bad for my health."

The camera moves back to its normal position.

"No more resetting. I'm serious, here. Oh, yeah, one last thing... Every now and then, go to bed early! Stayin' up late all the time is for chumps! You got it? Now...

Following the eighth reset, the sixth, seventh, and eighth dialogues repeat in order.