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Born April 1st, 1999
Nationality American
Occupation Island Representative of Chiron Island; Contributer at Nookipedia

♥ Welcome ♥

Welcome to my User Page! I'm Uschi, I'm 20 years old and I've been an Animal Crossing addict since City Folk. I've played all games – save for the Japanese-only games – and I'm currently playing on Chiron Island; more information can be found below.

Currently, I just poke around here. I try my best to fix grammar issues and foreign name information. With the release of New Horizons, I'm working my BEST to add photos from the game. Feel free to ask me via my Talk Page about anything.

♥ More personal information about me ♥

  • I study astrology and tarot cards.
  • I'm a hobbyist photographer, writer and visual artist.
  • I was born and raised in Alaska and I'm Iñupiaq Alaskan Native, along with Dutch and Belarusian.
  • In my free time, I love to edit photos/videos, tiedye shirts, and make my own stickers.
  • I love The Bee Gees.
  • I have a chubby bubby baby cat named Zeodor Eugene, aka Zed. He's a Ragamuffin.

Rules for My Screenshots

I upload my screenshots for use within the Nookipedia and my own personal use. You masy use my screenshots for anything within the Nookipedia.

I'd appreciate it if that my screenshots weren't uploaded anywhere else without credit or linking back to the Nookipedia somehow.

I know those rules are often hard to follow!! But as long as you're not making money off of screenshots that you didn't take, I'm not as bothered UwU

I view the Nookipedia similar to a textbook – the information is shared for the betterment of the world!

♥ About Chiron ♥

Last updated: March 27th, 2020 Chiron is my island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The name comes from Ancient Greek mythology.

Chiron (kai • ron) was the most peaceful, diplomatic of the Centaur, half-men/half-horse creatures that were known for their brutish violence. He was the child of the Olympian Apollo, who taught him medicinal knowledge, archery, hunting and prophecy; this allowed Chiron to become more human than beast; Chiron was best known for discovering the science of botany and pharmacy. The most well-known myth relating to Chiron is the belief that he was able to heal others, no matter how fatal the wound may be. However, when he was injured or otherwise sick, he was unable to heal his own wounds.

Within astrology, Chiron is the name given to a specific asteroid; the other title to this asteroid, "The Wounded Healer," is reference to the aforementioned myth. This asteroid represents a person's "deepest wounds," and how we go about existing with these wounds and how we attempt to heal them. Chiron in someone's natal chart gives light to our own ability to heal spiritually, mentally and emotionally. These wounds are deep, and we have to work hard to overcome them.

I thought that would be a very interesting, and cool, story to tell in regards to my town :D

►Game Started: March 23!◄

♥Photos from Chiron ♥

♥ Tom Nook & The Nooklings Related Screenshots ♥

All my screenshots related to Tom Nook and The Nooklings.

♥ Dodo Airlines Related Screenshots ♥

All my screenshots related to Orville, Wilbur, and their airport.

♥ Blathers & Museum-Related Screenshots ♥

All my screenshots related to Blathers and my museum.

See also: Fishing & Bugs Catching

♥ Gulliver ♥

Screenshots related to Gulliver and his travels.

♥ Random Screenshots ♥

Some misc screenshots I've taken. I hope that they'll be helpful to someone sometime!