Bamboo Shoot (New Horizons)

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Type of other item Bamboo Shoot Bamboo Shoot NH Inv Icon.png
Bamboo Shoot
Buy price Sell price
Not for sale  250 Bells
Obtain via  Underground (near a full-grown bamboo tree)
 Daisy Mae (After purchasing 100 Turnips)
Stack 10
Edible Yes
Name in other languages
 pousse de bambou
 brote de bambú
 germoglio di bambù
 побеги бамбука
 pousse de bambou
 brote de bambú

Bamboo Shoots are a crafting material in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They can be planted in the ground to produce more bamboo trees. This item is edible and by eating it, the player will gather energy to be able to dig up trees or break rocks.

Bamboo Shoots can be obtained by digging marked holes near a Bamboo tree. They can also be obtained in the mail from Daisy Mae after purchasing from her at least 3 different times a total of 100 Turnips; afterward, any purchase will result in her mailing 3 Bamboo Shoots the next day. Up to 10 of the item can be stacked together. Each Bamboo Piece sells for  250 Bells.

Use in crafting

Bamboo Shoots are used as a crafting material in the DIY recipes for the following items:

Recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Item Image Type Available from Materials
Bamboo-Shoot Lamp Bamboo-Shoot Lamp Furniture  Balloons
Young Spring Bamboo NH Inv Icon.pngYoung Spring Bamboo
Bamboo Shoot NH Inv Icon.pngBamboo Shoot
Clay NH Inv Icon.pngClay
Bamboo-Grove Wall Bamboo-Grove Wall Interior  Balloons
Young Spring Bamboo NH Inv Icon.pngYoung Spring Bamboo
Bamboo Shoot NH Inv Icon.pngBamboo Shoot
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Boomer delivering the incorrect dialogue when given a Bamboo Shoot.
  • In version 1.5.0, Villagers would incorrectly give dialogue pertaining to a Pumpkin item when given a Bamboo Shoot. This was fixed in version 1.5.1.

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