Modern screen (New Leaf)

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Type of wallpaper Modern screen #84

Modern screen


Texture of modern screen

Buy price Sell price
 1,150 Bells  287 Bells[nb 1]
Obtain via
Rarity group C
HHA theme challenges Harmonious / Rustic / Trendy
Style Modern
HHA points 151
In other games
Animal Crossing (modern screen)
New Horizons (modern shoji-screen wall)
Names in other languages
 mur papier de riz
 pared japonesa
 muro orientale
 모던 창호지 벽지
 mur papier de riz
 pared japonesa
 Shoji-Wand (modern)

The modern screen is a wallpaper item in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

The modern screen can be obtained from Timmy and Tommy's store for  1,150 Bells.

This item appears in the homes of Bill, Blanche, Greta, Kabuki, and Wade as the default wallpaper. This item also appears in the RV of Wade.


  1. Re-Tail sell price; can be sold for 80% of this price ( 229 Bells) at Timmy and Tommy's store