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{{Infobox Fish
|name               = 
|ja-name            = 
|ko-name            = 
|zh-name            = 
|fr-name            = 
|it-name            = 
|es-name            = 
|de-name            = 
|nl-name            = 
|ru-name            = 
|image              = 
|imagesize          = 
|scientific name    = 
|family             = 
|timeyear           = 
|timeday            = 
|found              = 
|size               = 
|shadow             = 
|rarity             = 
|price              = 

This infobox is for articles about fish in the series. Many of the parameters are straightforward, but the below ones require special consideration:

  • scientific name is the scientific name of the fish in Latin.
  • family is the family of the fish in Latin.

The following parameters should not be removed because it still using in API, even if information moved to separate info templates:

  • timeyear is the months that the fish is available.
  • timeday is the time of the day that the fish is available.
  • found is the where the fish can be found.
  • size is the size of the fish (legacy games).
  • shadow is the shadow size of the fish.
  • rarity is the rarity of the fish.
  • price is the sell price of the fish.

The appearances are auto-assigned depending on category using Template:Infobox Appearance and PageInCat extension.


Artwork of Sea Bass
Real-world info
Name: Lateolabrax japonicus
Family: Lateolabracidae
Main appearances

Other appearances
Names in other languages
 Bar commun
 Bar commun
 Морской судак
{{Infobox Fish
|name               = Sea Bass
|ja-name            = スズキ
|ko-name            = 농어
|zh-name            = 鲈鱼
|fr-name            = Bar commun
|it-name            = Spigola
|es-name            = Lubina
|de-name            = Seebarsch
|nl-name            = Zeebaars
|ru-name            = Морской судак
|image              = Sea Bass NH.png
|imagesize          = 200px
|scientific name    = Lateolabrax japonicus
|family             = Lateolabracidae
|timeyear           = Mid-September to Mid-August (''Animal Crossing'')<br> All year (other games)
|timeday            = All day
|found              = [[Sea]]
|size               = 0.99 m
|shadow             = Large <small>({{PG|nolink}})</small> <br> Very large <small>({{WW|short|nolink}}, {{CF|short|nolink}}, {{NL|short|nolink}}, {{NH|short|nolink}})</small>
|rarity             = Common
|price              = 120 Bells <small>(''Animal Crossing'')</small><br>160 Bells <small>({{WW|short|nolink}})</small><br>140 Bells <small>(PAL {{WW|short|nolink}})</small><br>200 Bells <small>({{CF|short|nolink}}, {{NL|short|nolink}}, {{aF|short|nolink}})</small><br>400 Bells <small>({{NH|short|nolink}})</small>