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Resident Of Nookington
Appearances Wild World
New Leaf
New Horizons
City Folk
Species Human
Gender Female
Personality Sisterly/Uchi

Hello! I'm SplatNerdAgent4 from Inkipedia! I enjoy Animal Crossing as much as I do Splatoon, so I decided to join. Animal Crossing New Horizons HYPE!!!! (I totally am not from Pokémon's Team Galactic...) Here's my Inkipedia user page:


A screenshot of a nice picnic.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons box art with the logo edited out.

dunno lol


Lottie PC icon.png
This user is a WikiMeerkat! This user likes to make friends with other users.
Villager (Female) aF Character Icon.png This user is female.
Animal Crossing New Leaf logo.png This user's first Animal Crossing game was Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
CF Box NA.jpg This user owns Animal Crossing: City Folk for Wii.
Stone Axe NH Icon.png This user uses a stone axe.
Cavisto (WW) This user's town is called Cavisto (WW).
Canisto (CF) This user's town is called Canisto (CF).
Ca-isto (PG) This user's town is called Ca-isto (PG).
Nookington (NH) This user's town is called Nookington (NH).
Aggrons (NL) This user's town is called Aggrons (NL).
HHT (Other NL) This user's town is called HHT (Other NL).

(I don't yet have AC:PG/GCN, but I already decided on a town name.)

Pages I Started[edit]

Chat Anything Page | Rover X Rosie | Harv's Island