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This month's events

In New Horizons
1st–3rd Setsubun
1st–11th Festivale preparation days
17th Bug-Off
(southern hemisphere)
25th Snow completely melts
(northern hemisphere)
In previous games

Menu Nook Shopping NH Icon.png Nook Shopping events

Football Rug NH Icon.png Big Game Celebration
Jan 15th — Feb 15th
Venetian Carnival Mask (Gold) NH Icon.png Carnival of Venice
Jan 22nd — Feb 12th
Resetti Model NH Icon.png Groundhog Day
Jan 25th — Feb 2nd
Bean-Tossing Kit NH Icon.png Setsubun
Jan 25th — Feb 3rd
Chocolate Heart (Milk Chocolate) NH Icon.png Valentine's Day
Feb 1st — Feb 14th
Hinaningyo NH Icon.png Hinamatsuri
Feb 22nd — Mar 3rd

Menu Critterpedia NH Icon.png Critters in New Horizons

February critters in New Horizons
Bug NH Icon cropped.png Bugs Fish NH Icon cropped.png Fish Sea Creature NH Icon cropped.png Sea creatures
New in the northern hemisphere Northern Hemisphere icon.png
tiger beetle
New in the southern hemisphere Southern Hemisphere icon.png
Soft-shelled turtle
Moray eel
migratory locust
rice grasshopper
Walker cicada