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Hi! My name's 𝕄elicent or 𝕄el for short (pronouns: she/her). NH editor here on Nooki.


Sandbox: Squirrel/Snake. Sources: ACNH Spreadsheet, ACNH Translations.

Current roster: Camofrog NH Villager Icon.pngCamofrog (Cranky B) Flora NH Villager Icon.pngFlora (Peppy A) Genji NH Villager Icon.pngGenji (Jock B) Merengue NH Villager Icon.pngMerengue (Normal A) Olivia NH Villager Icon.pngOlivia (Snooty B) Rodeo NH Villager Icon.pngRodeo (Lazy B) Shari NH Villager Icon.pngShari (Big Sister A) Shino NH Villager Icon.pngShino (Peppy A) Tipper NH Villager Icon.pngTipper (Snooty B) and Zell NH Villager Icon.pngZell (Smug A).

Others: Chevre NH Villager Icon.pngChevre Cousteau NH Villager Icon.pngCousteau Erik NH Villager Icon.pngErik Kid Cat NH Villager Icon.pngKid Cat Lucha NH Villager Icon.pngLucha Nan NH Villager Icon.pngNan Savannah NH Villager Icon.pngSavannah.


























202 Type How
apple jelly cooking villager
apple rug rug big sister
apple smoothie cooking villager
apple tart cooking villager
apple umbrella clothing big sister
apple wall wallpaper big sister
autumn wall wallpaper balloon (Nov 16-25)
blue rose crown clothing villager
bread cooking villager
brick pillar pillar HHP
brown herringbone wall wallpaper big sister
brown-sugar pound cake cooking villager
cake salé cooking villager
carpaccio di marlin blu cooking blue marlin (Nov – Apr; Jul – Sep)
carpaccio di salmone cooking salmon (Sep)
cherry jam cooking villager
cherry jelly cooking villager
cherry tart cooking villager
cherry-blossom pochette clothing balloon (Apr 1-10)
cherry-blossom rug rug balloon (Apr 1-10)
chic mum crown clothing villager
chic windflower wreath furniture villager
coconut cookies cooking villager
coconut oil cooking villager
colored-leaves flooring flooring balloon (Nov 16-25)
concrete pillar pillar HHP
cool hyacinth wreath furniture villager
cool pansy wreath furniture villager
cosmos crown clothing villager
cute lily crown clothing villager
dark lily crown clothing villager
dark lily wreath furniture villager
dark tulip crown clothing villager
dark tulip wreath furniture villager
decayed tree furniture smug
dharma furniture cranky
DIY Workbench furniture big sister
fancy lily wreath furniture villager
fancy mum wreath furniture villager
fancy rose wreath furniture villager
festival-lantern set furniture peppy
fish and chips cooking villager
foxtail furniture peppy
french fries cooking villager
frosted cookies cooking villager
fruit pizza cooking villager
fruit salad cooking villager
fruit scones cooking villager
gear apparatus furniture big sister
gear tower furniture big sister
giant vine furniture Kapp'n
glow-in-the-dark stickers furniture Kapp'n
glowing-moss boulder furniture Kapp'n
glowing-moss cave wall wallpaper Kapp'n
glowing-moss forest wall wallpaper Kapp'n
glowing-moss headband clothing Kapp'n
glowing-moss jar furniture Kapp'n
glowing-moss pointed cap clothing Kapp'n
glowing-moss pond furniture Kapp'n
glowing-moss rug rug Kapp'n
glowing-moss ruins wall wallpaper Kapp'n
glowing-moss stool furniture Kapp'n
glowing-moss wreath furniture Kapp'n
glowing-moss-jar shelves furniture Kapp'n
gold-nugget mining car furniture jock
golden altar furniture lazy
golden axe tool break 100 axes
golden bathtub furniture peppy
golden decorative plate furniture cranky
golden garden bunny furniture normal
golden gear tower furniture big sister
golden ladder set-up kit furniture villager
golden meter and pipes furniture big sister
golden piggy bank furniture normal
golden pillar pillar HHP
golden plate armor furniture smug
golden shovel tool help Gulliver x30
golden vase furniture normal
golden wristwatch furniture smug
hanging glowing moss furniture Kapp'n
hyacinth crown clothing villager
imperial pot furniture snooty
iron armor furniture cranky
iron doorplate furniture big sister
iron hanger stand furniture cranky
iron ladder set-up kit furniture villager
knight's helmet clothing cranky
light bamboo bath mat rug balloon (Feb 25-May 31)
lily crown clothing villager
low brick island counter counter HHP
low concrete island counter counter HHP
low golden island counter counter HHP
low marble island counter counter HHP
low simple island counter counter HHP
low steel island counter counter HHP
low wooden island counter counter HHP
lunar surface flooring Celeste
marble pillar pillar HHP
mermaid closet furniture Pascal
mermaid fence fence Pascal
minestrone soup cooking villager
mini golden dharma furniture cranky
mixed-fruits bagel sandwich cooking villager
mixed-fruits crepe cooking villager
mixed-fruits sandwich cooking villager
mixed-fruits tart cooking villager
money flooring flooring snooty
mountain standee furniture jock
mum wreath furniture villager
mushroom potage cooking villager
mushroom salad cooking villager
nice branch tool normal
open wooden shelves furniture smug
orange marmalade cooking villager
orange pound cake cooking villager
orange tart cooking villager
partition wall partition HHP
peach pie cooking villager
peach tart cooking villager
pear jelly cooking villager
pear tart cooking villager
pile of cardboard boxes furniture lazy
pile of cash furniture snooty
pizza margherita cooking villager
plain cupcakes cooking villager
plate armor furniture smug
poke cooking salmon
potato curry cooking villager
pound cake cooking villager
pretty tulip wreath furniture villager
pumpkin curry cooking villager
pumpkin pound cake cooking villager
purple hyacinth crown clothing villager
raccoon figurine furniture cranky
rope-net flooring flooring Kapp'n
rope-net wall wallpaper Kapp'n
rose bed furniture smug
rose wand tool Celeste
rose wreath furniture villager
round vine rug rug Kapp'n
ruined broken pillar furniture Kapp'n
ruined seat furniture Kapp'n
sakura-wood flooring flooring balloon (Apr 1-10)
salad-stuffed tomato cooking villager
salade de carottes râpées cooking villager
salmon bagel sandwich cooking salmon (Sep)
salmon sandwich cooking salmon (Sep)
seafood ajillo cooking villager
seafood pizza cooking villager
senmaizuke barrel furniture cranky
simple pillar pillar HHP
skateboard wall rack furniture jock
small wooden partition furniture snooty
snack bread cooking villager
spaghetti marinara cooking villager
spaghetti napolitan cooking villager
spooky cookies cooking villager (Oct)
spooky treats basket tool villager
spooky tree furniture villager
spooky trick lamp furniture villager
stacked bottle crates furniture jock
stacked fish containers furniture lazy
stacked senmaizuke barrels furniture cranky
stacked shopping baskets furniture normal
star clock furniture Celeste
star head clothing Celeste
starry-skies rug rug Celeste
starry-sky wall wallpaper Celeste
steel pillar pillar HHP
straw umbrella hat clothing smug
summer-shell rug rug balloon (Jun 1-Aug 31)
suspicious cauldron furniture Kapp'n
tall brick island counter counter HHP
tall concrete island counter counter HHP
tall golden island counter counter HHP
tall marble island counter counter HHP
tall simple island counter counter HHP
tall steel island counter counter HHP
tall wooden island counter counter HHP
tension-pole rack furniture big sister
tomato bagel sandwich cooking villager
tree-branch wand tool Celeste
tree-stump rug rug snooty
tulip wreath furniture villager
veggie cookies cooking villager
veggie crepe cooking villager
veggie cupcakes cooking villager
veggie quiche cooking villager
vine bench furniture Kapp'n
vine crown clothing Kapp'n
vine garland furniture Kapp'n
vine outfit clothing Kapp'n
wand tool Celeste
windflower fan furniture lazy
windflower wand tool Celeste
wooden field sign furniture jock
wooden music box furniture snooty
wooden pillar pillar HHP
woven-vine pochette clothing Kapp'n
woven-vines hat clothing Kapp'n
yellow bamboo mat rug balloon (Feb 25-May 31)
yellow star rug rug Celeste