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Hi! My name's 𝕄elicent or 𝕄el for short (pronouns: she/her). NH editor here on Nooki.

DA: 3011-5813-9801

Sandbox: Squirrel/Snake. Sources: ACNH Spreadsheet, ACNH Translations.

Current roster: Agnes NH Villager Icon.pngAgnes Camofrog NH Villager Icon.pngCamofrog Genji NH Villager Icon.pngGenji Merengue NH Villager Icon.pngMerengue Rodeo NH Villager Icon.pngRodeo Shari NH Villager Icon.pngShari Shep NH Villager Icon.pngShep Tipper NH Villager Icon.pngTipper and Zell NH Villager Icon.pngZell.

Rotating spot: Molly NH Villager Icon.pngMolly

Other potential villagers: Chevre NH Villager Icon.pngChevre Cousteau NH Villager Icon.pngCousteau Erik NH Villager Icon.pngErik Flora NH Villager Icon.pngFlora Kid Cat NH Villager Icon.pngKid Cat Lucha NH Villager Icon.pngLucha Nan NH Villager Icon.pngNan Olivia NH Villager Icon.pngOlivia.

Missing DIY Type How
apple rug rug Big sister
apple umbrella clothing Big sister
apple wall wallpaper Big sister
autumn wall wallpaper Balloons
backyard lawn floor Peppy
blue rose crown clothing Any
brown herringbone wall wallpaper Big sister
Capricorn ornament houseware Celeste
cherry-blossom flooring floor Balloons
cherry-blossom pochette clothing Balloons
chic mum crown clothing Any
chic windflower wreath wall-mounted Any
chocolate herringbone wall wallpaper Smug
colored-leaves flooring floor Balloons
cool pansy wreath wall-mounted Any
cosmos crown clothing Any
crescent-moon chair houseware Celeste
crewed spaceship houseware Celeste
cute lily crown clothing Any
dark lily crown clothing Any
dark lily wreath wall-mounted Any
dark tulip crown clothing Any
dark tulip wreath wall-mounted Any
DIY workbench houseware Big sister
fancy lily wreath wall-mounted Any
fancy mum wreath wall-mounted Any
fancy rose wreath wall-mounted Any
festive rug rug Balloons
festive top set misc Balloons
festive tree houseware Balloons
forest wall wallpaper Balloons
galaxy flooring floor Celeste
gold armor clothing Smug
gold rose crown clothing Any
hyacinth crown clothing Any
illuminated reindeer houseware Balloons
illuminated snowflakes houseware Balloons
illuminated tree houseware Balloons
iron armor clothing Cranky
iron doorplate wall-mounted Big sister
iron hanger stand houseware Cranky
Jingle wall wallpaper Balloons
leaf mask clothing Peppy
lily crown clothing Any
lunar surface floor Celeste
mermaid closet houseware Pascal
mermaid fence fence Pascal
money flooring floor Snooty
mountain standee houseware Jock
mum crown clothing Any
mum wreath wall-mounted Any
mushroom wand tool Celeste
pear umbrella clothing Jock
pretty tulip wreath wall-mounted Any
purple hyacinth crown clothing Any
raccoon figurine houseware Cranky
rocket houseware Celeste
rose bed houseware Smug
rose wand tool Celeste
rose wreath wall-mounted Any
sakura-wood flooring floor Balloons
sci-fi flooring floor Celeste
star clock misc Celeste
star head clothing Celeste
starry-sky wall wallpaper Celeste
straw umbrella hat clothing Smug
summer-shell rug rug Balloons
Taurus bathtub houseware Celeste
tree-branch wand tool Celeste
tree standee houseware Jock
tulip wreath wall-mounted Any
wand tool Celeste
windflower fan misc Lazy
windflower wand tool Celeste