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The Electronic Entertainment Expo, often shortened to just E3, was a video game conference held each June in the Los Angeles Convention Center in California, United States. Nintendo and other video game companies generally revealed the year's biggest games there. The conference was held every year from 1995 to 2019. It was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2022, and was an online event in 2021.

On December 12, 2023, it was announced that E3 had been discontinued.[1]

Animal Crossing at E3[edit]


At the 2002 E3, Animal Crossing for the Nintendo GameCube was first revealed to North America. Instead of a presentation, Nintendo showcased a pre-recorded video showing the many features of Animal Crossing such as Game Boy Advance connectivity, e-Reader functions, the real time system, town tunes, and memory card features. The video had five actors in total.


At the 2005 E3, A trailer for Animal Crossing: Wild World was showcased to the public.


At the 2008 E3, Animal Crossing: City Folk was first revealed, along with Wii Music, which contains two Animal Crossing songs. During the City Folk presentation, Katsuya Eguchi showcased several new features such as the city, the ability to communicate with others using Wii Speak, and the ability to invite three other players into a town at once.


During the 2010 E3 press conference, the Nintendo 3DS was first shown. In addition to that, a lineup of first party 3DS games were shown, including Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Later on, on the show floor, Animal Crossing 3DS was a non-playable demo for the 3DS.


During Nintendo's press conference, a wall with logos of upcoming 3DS games were shown, with Animal Crossing being one. Later that day, a trailer was uploaded to the Nintendo website, showing off many new features. Additionally, the day of the press conference, Tuesday, June 7, 2011, marked the launch of the Nintendo eShop, which had the same 3DS trailers shown, but in 3D.


At the 2013 E3, Nintendo announced the proper name for the previously announced "Animal Crossing 3DS", the proper name being Animal Crossing: New Leaf. In addition to this, Nintendo, revealed a trailer for the game.


During E3 2015, Nintendo revealed Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U respectively. Additionally, Nintendo revealed Animal Crossing amiibo figures and cards.


During E3 2019, Nintendo revealed Animal Crossing: New Horizons, showcasing gameplay and revealing the final title and release date.


Animal Crossing at E3 2002
Wild World at E3 2005
City Folk at E3 2008
Animal Crossing 3DS at E3 2010
Animal Crossing 3DS at E3 2011
Happy Home Designer at E3 2015
amiibo Festival at E3 2015
New Horizons at E3 2019


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