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This is a list of languages in the Animal Crossing series. Generally, this setting can be changed, usually with the help of the telephone or Rover, but this option is absent in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


Main article: Animalese

Animalese is the default language in the Animal Crossing series. Each letter spoken is stated to synthesize the basic sound of a letter, but the pitch is different depending on the animal. Animalese is the only language available in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


Main article: Bebebese

Bebebese is a way animals can speak in all Animal Crossing games. It does not have a vocalization, it instead sounds akin to a typewriter, similar the dialogue sound effects in most other video games. The player uses Bebebese when they catch a fish, insect etc., and the Snowman also uses this language.


Silence is the third of the three 'languages' in the Animal Crossing series. True to its name, the villagers and other animals do not make a sound when talking to the player. However, the player's town tune still plays while talking to an animal.

To change the language, the player must walk up to the attic and pick up the phone (if the player is playing Animal Crossing, this can be set when starting up the game). The other two languages are Animalese and Bebebese.

Silence is completely purged from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, due to the option to change the language from Animalese being removed.


Tabby mentioned that the flowers can speak

Flowerese is the unheard language of flowers. Peppy villagers mention this language while talking to the player sometimes, stating that they can hear the flowers when they water them and that it took such a long time to master Flowerese. The player cannot activate the language Flowerese using the phone in the attic, so it may just be a made up idea created by the peppy villagers.


Raccoonish is a briefly heard ancient language of Raccoons, simply consisting of noises real world raccoons make. Tom Nook, after completing every house upgrade, will express his gratitude by singing a song in Raccoonish passed down by the generations.