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In the Animal Crossing series, there are several unseen magazines and other publications, usually read and mentioned by villagers.

Animal Crossing Plaza books[edit]

Snooty villagers in Animal Crossing Plaza can mention one of the following 10 books, saying that they would like to finish reading them:

  • Animalese 101
  • Camping at Home
  • Digging for Gold
  • Dr. Shrunk Explains It All
  • Extreme Gardening
  • Fossils: The Living Dead
  • The Gyroid Whisperer
  • Rice Milk for Every Taste
  • To Catch a Bug
  • The Troglodyte Diet

Nothing is mentioned about these books aside from their titles.

Captain Paperweight[edit]

"...if someone broke in and stole my collection of Captain Paperweight comics..."
— Lazy villagers, Animal Crossing: City Folk

Captain Paperweight is a comic book mentioned by lazy villagers in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Nothing, aside from that the title implies it is a superhero comic, with the superhero in question called Captain Paperweight, is known about this comic.

Chillin' Magazine[edit]

Pudge talking to a player about Chillin' Magazine

Chillin' Magazine is an unseen magazine featured in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk. It is read by lazy villagers. It focuses on relaxation, and features articles on subjects like the world's comfiest furniture. It is similar to Ms. Nintendique, another un-seen magazine read by snooty and peppy villagers and Fauna Magazine, an un-seen magazine but mentioned by Tom Nook when selling clothes in Animal Crossing.

Crazed Fan / Fork Bender Magazine[edit]

Crazed Fan and Fork Bender Magazine are magazines mentioned by peppy villagers in the town. Among other things, they recommend weekly "lucky items," such as carpets.

Chic Monthly[edit]

Chic Monthly is a magazine mentioned by snooty villagers. Sometimes, animals will ask the player for an item saying that it's currently trendy as said by the magazine. Villagers will also mention it when in the player's house, talking about the magazine's coverage on televisions and interior decorating, and complementing the player's TV in the process. The 2nd word in the magazine's name differs between species, for example "Chic Kangaroo Monthly" will be said by kangaroo villagers, and "Chic Duck Monthly" would be said by duck villagers. It is only known to be mentioned in Animal Crossing: New Leaf as an apparent replacement for Ms. Nintendique.

Business Strategies for Dolts[edit]

Business Strategies for Dolts is a periodical occasionally brought up by villagers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It is presumably based off the real world "For Dummies" book series. In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, villagers may mention this book if a lost book is found for them.

Fauna Magazine[edit]

Fauna Magazine is a fashion magazine appearing only in Animal Crossing and Doubutsu no Mori e+ that Tom Nook mentions when trying to sell players clothing, saying that the magazine calls it hip. Some of the villagers also mention it occasionally. Fauna Magazine did not re-appear in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk because clothes were, from then on, sold by the Able Sisters. Ms. Nintendique is another fashion magazine, although Ms. Nintendique seems to tell villagers also how to soften skin and such, usually using impossible methods such as bathing in a certain food or collecting a set of fossils. The magazine may be mentioned by peppy villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Hobby Life[edit]

Hobby Life is a magazine read by normal villagers and mentioned in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Such villagers may mention thinking they remembered the player from the cover of an issue, with a feature article about the player's interest in a random hobby.

Ms. Nintendique[edit]

Ms Nintendique Pink NL.png
Ms Nintendique Blue NL.png

Ms. Nintendique is a magazine mentioned by snooty and peppy villagers in the town. It parodies real magazines that focus on beauty and self-help. The name of this magazine is a portmanteau of Nintendo and Montique. Snooty villagers make references to it, such as mentioning beauty tips and products. Some of the beauty tips involve bathing in a certain food, such as apple cider. On occasion, a snooty villager will show doubts about these tips, and mention she dislikes trying the same tip last year with a different food. The publication also states that certain villagers make good couples.

A discussion about the magazine between two peppy villagers may result in one animal mentioning the High Heels Special of said magazine, and then asking the other if she still has martial arts classes. The other animal will then use the "Rage" emotion, because she thinks the animal who asked is calling her a wimp. The angry animal will then realize what she meant by commenting, "Oh yeah... You could do some real damage wearing them..." Every once and a while, a villager who reads Ms. Nintendique will tell you she had taken a quiz from the magazine and then made her own quiz, wanting the player to take it. Some villagers will also say that they have purchased a certain item from "Ms. Nintendique" and have accidentally bought two of the same item, meaning that they will give the player the second item.

Two copies of "Ms. Nintendique" are next to the cash register in Shampoodle.

Nerds and Wyverns Weekly[edit]

Nerds and Wyverns Weekly is a magazine catering to nerds in the Animal Crossing universe. First mentioned in Animal Crossing: City Folk, it is a parody of magazines such as Dungeon and Dragon, which cater to players of the stereotypically nerdy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons.

Among other things, Nerds features home decor, such as carpeting, that is considered "nerdy". When peppy villagers see an item they own featured in the magazine, they quickly get rid of it, presumably to avoid looking nerdy.

New Horizons books[edit]

Villagers (mainly normal villagers) in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can mention one of the following 48 books in dialog:[1]

  • Polo-Shirt Collar Poppers
  • Year-Round Island Hopping
  • Turnip Your Enthusiasm
  • The Physics of Toe Stubbing
  • Yes, Yes to Success
  • Squat to Win
  • Giving New Life to Furniture
  • Dr. Shrunk Explains It All
  • Pro-Level Hide-and-Seek
  • <Island>'s Best Flowers
  • Shake It Till You Make It
  • Way of the Workbench
  • When Push Comes to Shovel
  • All's Fair in Love and Fishing
  • Simple, Eco-Friendly Luxury
  • Speed Learning for Space Cadets
  • Be the "Y" in DIY
  • Sticktoitiveness for the Quitter
  • The Fine Art of Hitting Rocks
  • Playing to Win the Stalk Market
  • Folding: A Beginner's Guide
  • You Can Throw Pottery Too
  • Hello, Tomorrow Me
  • Yo, Change the Flow
  • The ABCs of DIY
  • Bugs of a Distant Shore
  • Extreme Gardening
  • Look Great and Coordinate
  • Flightless Fowl, Swimless Fish
  • The Packrat's Guide to Packing
  • Finding Your True Catchphrase
  • Civil Engineering for Beginners
  • Fresh Looks, Fresh Outlooks
  • Three-Dimensional Thinking
  • The Reactions Handbook
  • Digging for Gold
  • Reading Love Letters Out Loud
  • A Sailor's Tragedy
  • A History of Resident Services

Nothing is mentioned about these books aside from their titles.

Precipitation Monthly[edit]

A snowman referring to Precipitation Monthly in City Folk

Precipitation Monthly is a magazine mentioned by snowmen in Animal Crossing: City Folk. If built perfectly, they can say that they might hit number one on the magazine's "list of eligible snowbachelors," and if built poorly, they can say that they might be featured in its "Top 10 Lumpiest Snowmen" list.

Staplers: A Brief History[edit]

Staplers: A Brief History is a book villagers may mention, asking if the player has read it.

Window Shopping Pro[edit]

Window Shopping Pro is a magazine mentioned by big sister villagers. When asking for an item from the player, big sister villagers say that the item was one of the top prizes in "last month's issue of Window Shopping Pro."


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