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Ore Rock

Ores (also called gems) are items introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Once per day, an Ore Rock will spawn somewhere in town. When the player strikes the Ore Rock with a shovel or axe, the rock will break open to reveal a random gem or ore. When the player strikes the Bell rock with the silver shovel, gems and ores may appear in increasing rarity, instead of Bells appearing in increasing value.

Ores can be sold or used at Re-Tail to customize pieces of furniture. In addition, Cyrus can create a random piece of furniture from the Golden Series using 3 Gold Ores and 10,000 Bells.

Ores are also found in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, appearing in Shovelstrike Quarry. Types of ore that can be obtained include gold, silver, ruby, and sapphire. They can be sold for Bells or used for crafting.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, while Gold Ore (now known as Gold Nuggets) remains and are rarely found from rocks or balloons, other ores are removed from the game and are replaced by Stone, Clay and Iron Nuggets. Gold Nuggets can now be used to craft gold tools if the player achieves requirements to earn DIY recipes, as well as items from the Golden Series.

List of ores (New Leaf)[edit]

Image Name Value
Silver Nugget NL Icon.png Silver nugget 3,000 Bells
Gold Nugget NL Icon.png Gold nugget 4,000 Bells
Amethyst NL Icon.png Amethyst 2,000 Bells
Sapphire NL Icon.png Sapphire 2,000 Bells
Emerald NL Icon.png Emerald 2,000 Bells
Ruby NL Icon.png Ruby 2,000 Bells

List of Materials (New Horizons)[edit]

Image Value
Stone NH Inv Icon.png Stone
75 Bells
Clay NH Inv Icon.png Clay
100 Bells
Iron Nugget NH Inv Icon.png Iron Nugget
375 Bells
Gold Nugget NH Inv Icon.png Gold Nugget
10,000 Bells

Customizing furniture[edit]

By giving a furniture piece along with an ore to Cyrus, he can create custom, sparkling furniture that is dependent on the color of the ore being used. Once given a piece of furniture and an ore of the appropriate color, the two items will be combined leaving only a single item in the player's inventory. Both the furniture item and the ore must already be in the player's inventory when initiating the dialogue with Cyrus. Offer him one of the pieces of furniture listed below while possessing the corresponding color of ore. This will automatically trigger a dialogue where Cyrus will offer to use the ore to customize the item. Cyrus will also offer the option to use the normal color customization options if the player prefers. Below are the furniture series and colors of ore that will trigger the dialogue when asking to customize furniture at Re-Tail.

Amethyst Ruby Sapphire Emerald Silver Nugget Gold Nugget
Blue Series
Cabana Series
Green Series
Lovely Series
Modern Series
Polka-Dot Series
Chess Theme
Apple Set
Dharma Set
Claw-Foot Tub
Executive Toy
Piggy Bank
Plate Armor
Raccoon Figurine
Shogi Piece
Super Toilet