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"If available, a quote in the {{quote}} template."
— Speaker, Game spoken in

Type of Species villager Name  
Artwork of Name the Species
Species Personality Gender
[[Species|Species]] [[Personality]] Male/Female
Birthday [[|]] Month 32nd (links to month page) {{{sign}}}
Favorite saying "Picture quote, if available"
Catchphrase "phrase"
Clothing [[Item: ()|]]
Main appearances

Other appearances
Names in other languages
Phrase in other languages

Beginning with "Villager name (<Japanese name>, Romanization)", describe the basic attributes of the villager, such as species and personality. If the character did not appear in the original Dōbutsu no Mori, name the first game they appeared in. Briefly state the character's movie role, if applicable. This introduction may also contain information about the villager's initial phrase and English name meaining.


Describe the villager's physical appearance here, including their initial clothes.


Briefly describe the villager's personality and its attributes. If the character's personality changes between games, each personality should be described in a subsection, and the change in personality should be addressed under the "Personality" heading, such as in Rowan.

The first line of personality sections should link to the personality's page using the {{Pers}} template.


Describe the villager's house, including wallpaper, carpet, items, and what type of music plays if the villager has a stereo item. This section should include screenshots of the house in the games it appears in. If there are two or more images, they should be in a left-justified gallery.

In Dōbutsu no Mori (film)

If applicable, information about the villager's appearance in Dōbutsu no Mori. If the villager had a larger role in the movie, it should be placed in the {{spoiler}}} template.

Other Appearances

If the villager appeared in games or media other than the Animal Crossing series and film, such as in the Super Smash Bros. series, their appearances should be described here.


If there is a theory associated with the character (for example, Champ), it should be described in its own section between the {{theory}} and {{theoryend}} templates.


If applicable, this section will contain a left-justified gallery showing merchandise of the villager, such as Animal Crossing-e cards and plush toys, with captions titling each item.


If necessary, images relating to the villager, such as character art, may be placed in a left-justified gallery. See "Image Use Notes" below for details.

Names in other languages

If available, the villager's names and their meanings in non-English languages should be listed in the {{Foreignname}} template.


Optionally, extra information about the villager can be placed in a bullet list here.


If citations have been used in the article, this section should be added with the content "<references/>".

At the end of the article

Insert the appropriate species template. If the article is a stub, {{Villager Stub}} template should be placed below the species template rather than the standard stub template.

Following the template(s), the categories the villager belongs in should be listed:

[[Category:<Game Name> characters]] - for all games the character appears in
[[Category: New characters in <Game Name>]] - for characters that did not appear in the game Dōbutsu no Mori
[[Category:<Personality> villagers]] - include all personalities, if multiple
[[Category:<Gender> characters]]

Less common categories include the following.

[[Animal Crossing: The Movie characters]] - if the character appeared in the movie
[[Category:Islanders]] - if the character was an islander

Templates in the page will insert the following categories as they apply. These do not need to be added manually.

[[Category:<Species>]] - from the species template at the bottom of the article
[[Category:Villager Stub]] - if the article has been listed as a stub with {{Villager Stub}}
[[Category:Articles incorporating theory]] - if the article includes a Theory section with template
[[Category:Articles containing spoilers]] - if the article includes the spoiler template, such as that in the movie section

Image Use Notes

The following section does not apply to merchandise and home images, which appear in dedicated sections.

Short Articles

If there is only one image, it should be placed somewhere in the article, with a caption if information is available. If there are multiple images, they should be placed in the gallery section.

Longer Articles

Images should be placed throughout the article. If there is not room for additional images, the extra images should be placed in the gallery section. If the gallery would only have one image, another image from the article should be moved to it.

Some Topics of Question

  • Section ordering, namely those below "House"
  • Placement of fruit preferences for islanders (Infobox)

...and whatever else you all think of