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Animal Crossing Ahead
Animal Crossing Ahead (2021).png
Homepage as of April 7, 2021
Language English
Dates of operation 2002–2015, 2020–2021/2022
Date opened August 17, 2002
Date closed 2021/2022
Creator Nickolis
Web address

Animal Crossing Ahead (AXA) was a fan-made forum website for the Animal Crossing series. It was founded by a user named Nickolis in August 2002 after breaking off from another fansite called Animal Crossing Online.[1]


The website, which contained Animal Crossing guides, was originally located at the domain, with its forum counterpart located at The forums grew in popularity for several years until declining due to multiple server problems and inactivity.[citation needed] On February 21, 2009, a new look was released for the site, which featured the Bulletin Board as a news area on the front page of the website.[citation needed] However, the website and forum were completely shut down in 2015.[citation needed]

In February 2020 Animal Crossing Ahead relaunched as with many original users returning.[2] It would later close sometime in 2021 or 2022.



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