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Official Nintendo Magazine
ONM Logo.png
Editor Matthew Castle
Former editors Lee Nutter (2006-7)
Chandra Nair (2007-8, 2012-14)
Neil Long (2009-12)
Frequency Every four weeks
Circulation Unknown
Publisher Future PLC
First issue February 16, 2006
Final issue October 14, 2014
Country United Kingdom United Kingdom
Language(s) English

Official Nintendo Magazine (ONM) was the official magazine for Nintendo in the United Kingdom. It ran from February 16, 2006 to October 14, 2014. The magazine's editors were (in order) Lee Nutter, Chandra Nair, Neil Long and Matthew Castle.

Animal Crossing in Official Nintendo Magazine[edit]

The Animal Crossing series was regularly mentioned in ONM, often in features. ONM reviewed Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Animal Crossing: Wild World was awarded 95%, and was praised for having "so much to see and do." Chris Scullion gave Animal Crossing: City Folk 90% in Issue 37 of the magazine, commenting on incremental improvements such as the use of Wii +Control Pad.svg to quickly switch between tools, but he criticized the lack of innovation. Animal Crossing: New Leaf was awarded 95% by Joe Skrebels in Issue 96, who described it as a "beautiful, generous and warm-hearted game in every way and a worthy successor to Wild World's crown."

ONM have also written about Animal Crossing: New Leaf pre-release on more than one occasion.

Issues 2, 33, 37, and 94 featured Animal Crossing themed covers. Villager appeared on the cover of Issue 103.

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