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Bugs out right now

Name Image Price Location
Common Butterfly Common Butterfly HHD Icon.png 90 Near flowers
Yellow Butterfly Yellow Butterfly HHD Icon.png 90 Near flowers
Tiger Butterfly Tiger Butterfly HHD Icon.png 160 Near flowers1
Peacock Butterfly Peacock Butterfly HHD Icon.png 220 Near flowers2
Hermit Crab Hermit Crab HHD Icon.png 1,000 Yellowhibiscusacnl.png On beach
Stinkbug Stinkbug HHD Icon.png 120 On trees
Snail Snail HHD Icon.png 250 Redhibiscusacnl.png On flowers
Mole Cricket Mole Cricket HHD Icon.png 280 Underground
Flea Flea HHD Icon.png 70 On villagers
Pill Bug Pill Bug HHD Icon.png 250 Under rocks
Spider Spider HHD Icon.png 300 In trees
Bee Bee HHD Icon.png 4,500 In trees
Ant Ant HHD Icon.png 80 On candy or rotten turnips
Wharf Roach Wharf Roach HHD Icon.png 200 Redhibiscusacnl.png On beach
Fly Fly HHD Icon.png 60 Near spoiled turnips
Redhibiscusacnl.png = Also found on island    Yellowhibiscusacnl.png = Island exclusive bug


This template displays the ACNL bugs that can be caught in a user's local time zone at the time the page is loaded. The width parameter can be used to change the width of the table. Width must be expressed as a percent (e.g. 50%), and the default is 80%. The collapsed parameter accepts a true or false value; default value is false. If set to true, it will cause the table to appear collapsed by default.

The parameters add and subtract can be used to offset the time (in hours) from the current server time, although there may be issues with this on the first or last day of the month. (Basically, the template is defaulted to use the server's current month, regardless of additions/subtractions made to the time.)

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