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Hacking in the Animal Crossing series involves the manipulation of gameplay in a way other than permitted in a game's original programming. Methods include changing the amount of Bells the player has, or changing the town layout.


Cheating device[edit]

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Villager modifier[edit]

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Hacked distributed items[edit]

The TripokeBall HDLC in City Folk, inspired by the Poké Ball

Hacked distributed items, sometimes shortened to HDLC, are distributed items that are not created by Nintendo. They are usually created with the help of a cheating device, such as an Action Replay. At random times, the player will find them in the Able Sisters, if they have visited a hacker's town or a hacker visited their town.

Hacking per game[edit]

Hacking in Animal Crossing[edit]

Since there is no online play in Animal Crossing, hackers cannot do much damage to other players' towns globally, although They can give themselves any item in the game, as well as jump, which allows them to reach normally inaccessible places, including the island without a Game Boy Advance.

Hacking in Animal Crossing: Wild World[edit]

Seeds were a major threat to other player's towns in Animal Crossing: Wild World before online play was discontinued. Also, hackers in that game had access to a larger variety of tools and map editors to give themselves large sums of money and items, and a town layout of their choice. Action Replay codes are commonly used in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Hacking in Animal Crossing: City Folk[edit]

Although the seed threat is diminished in Animal Crossing: City Folk, there are still hackers who play the game. Most use ACToolkit to customize the town layout, inventory, etc., and on the whole this works similarly to hacking in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Hackers may give even non-hackers DLC, which can appear in shops like the Able Sisters.

Hacking in Animal Crossing: New Leaf[edit]

The Nintendo 3DS is commonly hacked with homebrew and Luma3ds, typically used to world edit and save edit files for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It can also be "hacked" with an Action Replay, being a more simple option with no known consequences compared to the possibility of the DS "bricking" using the homebrew method. Injecting and extracting saves is extremely common in the AC community.


Hackers can perform a variety of things to play around with the game

Here are some of the abilities hackers can do:


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