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Promotional image featuring various LEGO Animal Crossing minifigures and sets.

LEGO Animal Crossing is a product line made by toy company LEGO in collaboration with Nintendo. It features LEGO sets based on locations from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with each containing one or more minifigures of villagers or special characters from the game. The product line launched on March 1, 2024, with six sets initially available. An additional two sets are scheduled to be released on August 1, 2024.


Nintendo teased LEGO Animal Crossing via a short video on Twitter on October 5, 2023, featuring LEGO minifigures of various Animal Crossing characters.[1] The product line was fully announced on October 10, 2023, containing five sets based on Animal Crossing: New Horizons and releasing on March 1, 2024.[2] A smaller sixth set, Maple's Pumpkin Garden, was released alongside the other sets and was initially included with certain purchases of US$50.00 or more from the online LEGO Shop.

On April 26, 2024, LEGO announced that two more LEGO Animal Crossing sets, Fly with Dodo Airlines and K.K.'s Concert at the Plaza, would be released on August 1, 2024.[3]


Promotional photo of the five initial sets.

There are a total of eight LEGO Animal Crossing sets:

Set Image Release date Product number Pieces Minifigure(s) Ages MSRP (USD)
Julian's Birthday Party LEGO Animal Crossing 77046 Product Image 1.png March 1, 2024 77046 170 Julian 6+ $14.99
Bunnie's Outdoor Activities LEGO Animal Crossing 77047 Product Image 1.png 77047 164 Bunnie 6+ $19.99
Kapp'n's Island Boat Tour LEGO Animal Crossing 77048 Product Image 1.png 77048 233 Kapp'n
6+ $29.99
Isabelle's House Visit LEGO Animal Crossing 77049 Product Image 1.png 77049 389 Isabelle
6+ $39.99
Nook's Cranny & Rosie's House LEGO Animal Crossing 77050 Product Image 1.png 77050 535 Tom Nook
7+ $74.99
Maple's Pumpkin Garden LEGO Animal Crossing 30662 Product Image 1.png 30662 29 Maple 6+ $4.99[nb 1]
Fly with Dodo Airlines LEGO Animal Crossing 77051 Product Image 1.png August 1, 2024 77051 292 Tangy
7+ $37.99
K.K.'s Concert at the Plaza LEGO Animal Crossing 77052 Product Image 1.png 77052 550 Audie
K.K. Slider
7+ $79.99


The following 14 characters, including eight villagers and six special characters, have LEGO minifigures spread across the sets:



  • The initial teaser trailer for LEGO Animal Crossing features the Kapp'n minifigure with long sleeves. In subsequent promotional material and the final product, his lower arms are colored green to match his short-sleeved appearance in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese レゴ どうぶつの森
LEGO Doubutsu no Mori
LEGO Animal Forest

Korean 레고 동물의 숲
LEGO Dongmul-Ui Sup
LEGO Animal Forest

Simplified Chinese 樂高 動物森友會
LEGO Dòngwù sēnyǒu huì
LEGO Animal Forest Friend Hub


  1. Only sold separately through third-party retailers. Initially only available from the online LEGO Shop as a bonus included with purchases of US$50.00 or more from certain product lines, including LEGO Animal Crossing.


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