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Hello! I am PollenCrossing, a young Nookipedian who doesn't really know what her life has led up to.

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"🎶How many words in this song will there be that begin with the excellent fifth letter E~🎶"
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Why I am Here

Okay, the reason I wanted to make a Nookipedia account is because I just wanted something to do in my spare time. Also, I wanted to contribute to something that might be helpful!

The kinds of things I like I do on this wiki are fixing typos and adding redirects!

Stuff About Me

  • If I was a villager, I would probably be a peppy frog, just like Puddles!
  • I like watching nature documentaries in my spare time!
  • I play Roblox (Username: ohthegloryofgold0909).
  • I make my own Fakemon.
  • This is my fortieth edit!
  • I like to make lyrics to K.K. Slider songs.
  • This is a song I sing to myself when I lose Henry (sing it to the tune of K.K. Soul)

Oh Henry, where are you

I haven't seen you for a while now

I would love just to see your face

Just one more time


I hope that Gaston

Hasn't kidnapped you again


It would be great if he hasn't~

  • 🎂My first word was cake (if that isn't a mood I don't know what is)🎂

My Towns

So far, I only have one town, being Primrose (New Leaf), so I will show you it's villagers!

Biff Arrived: Starter

Gaston Arrived: Starter

Opal Arrived: Starter

Lolly (yaaaaaas) Arrived: Starter

Punchy Arrived: Starter

Henry Arrived: 4th May, 2020

Agnes Arrived: 8th May 2020

Chadder Arrived: 27th June 2020

Keaton Arrived: 23rd December 2020

Villagers who Moved out :(

Gabi Arrived: 6th May, 2020 - Left: Unknown

Reason for moving out: I remember forgetting where the game card was for 2 months and when I finally found it, all the villagers were there, except Gabi.

Elvis Arrived: 10th May, 2020 - Left: Unknown

Reason for moving out: Same story as Gabi, but at least I'm not as emotionally attached to him as Gabi.

Wild World?

As for my WW town... Well, I can't remember ANYTHING about it other than Aurora is in it.

Opinions on Villagers

I haven't (intentionally) moved out any of my villagers, so let's just say I like all of them.

Biff: Probably my favourite hippo. That's all I can think of.

Gaston: He's sketchy, but he's my second favourite rabbit (behind Gabi).

Opal: Cool, sophisticated and a nice shade of green. I got her picture while I was at the hairdressers.

Lolly (my baby): I. LOVE. HER.

Punchy: His name is kinda contradictory, considering he's a lazy villager.

Henry: My favourite frog, I kinda consider him the frog version of Marshal.

Gabi (my other baby): I. ALSO. LOVE. HER.

Agnes: She's pretty cute.

Elvis: For some reason, I have 3 pics of him.

Chadder: Taking "You are what you eat." to another level. I kinda like him.

Keaton: A bit weird how he came from my sister's town. He's OK.

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don't judge me ok, I watch it with my sister lol)

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