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m (Text replacement - "{{Don}}" to "{{UB Fan Character|Don|LightGrey|White|LightGreen|Black|name=Don Resetti}}")
m (Text replacement - "{{Rover}}" to "{{UB Fan Character|Rover|Yellow|Gold|Yellow|Black}}")
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{{UB Fan Character|Kicks|#2d373f|White|#4b5d69|White}}
{{UB Fan Character|Kicks|#2d373f|White|#4b5d69|White}}
{{UB Fan Character|Don|LightGrey|White|LightGreen|Black|name=Don Resetti}}
{{UB Fan Character|Don|LightGrey|White|LightGreen|Black|name=Don Resetti}}
{{UB Fan Character|Rover|Yellow|Gold|Yellow|Black}}                                                                                                                                 

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[[File:Rolf.gif AlphaOmega, an Animal Crossing villager.]]
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      About Me: 
      I am a Boy
      My favourite cololur is Blue       
      My favourite food is Sushi
      I play Golf and Soccer

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